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How to Take Photos Under Various Sun Lit Conditions

Whether it’s high noon, sunset or the magic hour it’s hard to beat photographs taken under the natural light of the sun. But how do you contend with the myriad of conditions it produces? Easy. You watch this video by RocketJump Film School as director of photography Jon Salmon walks you through most of the lighting scenarios you might encounter outside. There are even some helpful DIY tips on modifiers thrown in.

Photographer Lara Zankoul Creates a Water-Tight Room For Authentic In-Camera Images

Early in the month we brought you a video that showed how Gonzaga Manso had created an in-studio pond to get the exact shot he wanted. This week we came across "The Unseen" series where photographer Lara Zankoul creates a water-tight room to capture beautiful and surreal images in-camera. A lot of work goes into a shoot like this but this behind-the-scenes teaser video makes it look fun and well worth the effort.

Watch as 3-year-old "Action Movie Kid" Fends Off a Shark Attack in His Living Room

If you're into video effects (and are half the Calvin and Hobbes fan that I am) then you're really going to dig this fun, lighthearted, imagination fueled video created by Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto. As part of Daniel's absolutely amazing personal project, "Action Movie Kid", son James repels the vicious advances of a great white shark, in an effort to save younger sister Sophia. Daniel promises us a proper behind-the-scenes video in the future but in the mean time offers up a great side-by-side video showing the before-and-after.

10 Easy Do-It-Yourself Photography Hacks

Kai and the crew over at DigitalRev are at their goofy antics again. This time their latest video has them running through ten easy photography hacks you can do using common thing you can find around your home. I have little doubt that most of these won't be new to you but even if you gleam one little helpful nugget from this list, it will be ten minutes well spent.

3 Basic Principles That Will Teach You How to Use Light

As part of CreativeLive's Portrait Bootcamp the mad talent and knowledge of New York City-based portrait/fashion photographer Lindsay Adler are put to use as she breaks down the practical definitions of light. Lindsay points out that once you can describe light by these 3 basic aspects (intensity, direction and quality) then you can start to understanding how much light to use, where it needs to be placed and what kind of modifiers are needed to achieve certain looks.

B&H: "What's in Your Bag?" with Headshot Photographer Peter Hurley

We love photography. We love gear. And we love this guy: New York City-based headshot photographer Peter "Shabang" Hurley. So when B&H put out this episode of, "What's in Your Bag?", featuring Peter and his kit, of course we were going to watch and post it with all the same excitement and exuberance that Peter himself puts into everything. Watch as Peter tears through his bag to reveal his set-up while running down what gear he uses and why.

Photographer Colorized Old Photos While Adding Beautifully Surreal Narratives

It takes a lot to motivate me to reach out to a photographer for permission to feature their work but a lot is exactly what Brisbane-based photographer and digital artist Jane Long provides with her latest series, "Dancing with Costică”. Colorizing, compositing and creating content for images she sources from the Costica Ascinte Archive, Jane is able to deliver beautiful, imaginative and surreal narratives to each of her final images.

A Tutorial on How to Create RAW Panoramaic Images in Lightroom

Watch as photographer/retoucher Simon Plant walks us through one of Lightroom's coolest new features, RAW panoramic stitching. In this video Simon takes us step by step as he stitches two images together to make a panoramic image, which can then be processed with all that benefits of a RAW file. We now, no longer, need to process our images prior to stitching them in Photoshop thanks to this easy and convenient new feature.

See How Photojournalist Dirk Shadd Captures Hockey Action

Check out this video by ​Monica Herndon which features Florida-based, Tampa Bay Times, photojournalist Dirk Shadd as he sets up to shoot a hockey game. When talking about the his use of remotes Dirks says, "… they’re kind of two purposes. One is that it’s a really graphic really clean angle and that’s what I like most about it but it also kind of a back up. If I get blocked on a shot or if I miss a shot or I don’t have a shot there is a chance I will have it from the remote. So you kind of do it a little bit out of creative artistic excitement and a little bit out of photos self defense".

Behind the Scenes Photographing President Barack Obama

New York City-based portrait photographer Drew Gurian primarily focuses on the intersection of photography and music culture. But most recently he had the opportunity to team up with to photograph President Barack Obama during his speech on the Iran deal at American University, and during a video interview in the White House library. This brief behind-the-scenes video gives you a really great sense for what it must me like to be privileged enough to get this kind of access.

For Great Street Photography Look for The Imagined Story

This weeks episode of Seeker Stories features San Francisco photographer Jack Simon and his particular style of street photography. In particular, the way in which the observer can create (or be led to create) a narrative around an image, even when one may not exist. Or as Jack puts it, "I'm attracted to moments that are humorous and strange or surreal. And ideally I like to find scenes that capture the essence of an imagined story".​

See How Gonzaga Manso Created an In-Studio Pond For This Beautiful Broncolor Concept Shoot

Amongst this years Broncolor Gen NEXT line up (a pioneering group of young professional photographers lighting up the future of photography) Gonzaga Manso throws in with his beautiful concept shoot, "The Pond". This photograph is meant to express the calm, sincere and deep love that comes from getting old alongside the person you love. But what maybe more interesting, for us inquisitive shooters, is the release of this behind-the-scenes video which details Gonzaga's elaborate and meticulous set-up.

Learn How to Collapse Time: 20 Minutes of Kite Flying Compiled into a 1 Minute Video

"The San Diego Studies", a series of short videos that collapse time to reveal otherwise unobservable rhythms and movement in the city is the product of filmmaker/photographer Cy Kuckenbaker. Shot in Tijuana Slough, San Diego County, this series showcases some impressive imagery/effects that Cy has been gracious enough to share with us. To see how this was done be sure to check out his "Making of Notes" video.

How Photographers Change The Way You Feel About War

Seeker Stories defines itself as taking a deep look at some of the world’s most unique individuals, places, and cultures. With weekly short documentaries set out to expand our perspective and transform our understanding of the world. Having watched their latest documentary about the role photographers play during wartime, I have to say, they've achieved what they set out to do. I've often thought about being a wartime photographer and this video has rekindled that desire.

4 Wildly Fun and Educational Videos to Teach You How to Film Films with Filmmaking

Writer, director, and presenter Ryan Connolly, best known for his internet television shows Film Riot and Film State, has teamed up with CanonUSA to teach us the basics of film production. There is an amazing amount of information compressed into each short video but what's more amazing is how easily digestible and concise it all is. Factor in the entertainment value (I chuckled through every episode) and you will find these slapstick-styled gems beyond fun and educational. Even if you aren't interested in making films you will enjoy these videos and may even change your mind by the end.

5 Photoshop Tricks You Don't Know (And Why Photoshop is So Damn Amazing)

You know you've "made it" when your brand/product becomes a verb. With 25 years of history Photoshop has done exactly that and has become the undisputed champion of the photo manipulation/editing/post production game. I've been using Photoshop since version 1.0 back in 1990 (first as a tinkerer, then as a design QCM and finally as a photographer/retoucher) but despite my long relationship with Photoshop I still don't consider myself as having mastered it.