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Master Your Smartphone Camera by Joao Carlos

Yes this is a big ad for Sandisk and yes it's an uncut webinar that is an hour long but if you are in post production and want to fill the air with something other than the sound of your teeth grinding and knee bouncing, then there are some great tidbits of information riddled through out this video.

Smartphone cameras are the new master tool for capturing the moment. In this webinar, world-renowned photographer Joao Carlos shares what you need to know

Be Creative with Your Edits Like These Japanese School Girl Ninjas

What started out as a couple of school girls playfully creating a video ends up as an ad spot for Suntory's C.C. Lemon. This is not an educational video so much as another good demonstration of how low cost gear and some skilled editing can turn out pretty awesome, that is, if the camera shakes don't make you nauseous. A lazy Sunday afternoon is a good time to take this inspiration, your creativity, a cell phone camera and a couple of fast moving Japanese school girls to go make your very own ninja video.

Paper to Plants: How to Make a Stop Motion Trailer

Tinybop, a Brooklyn-based studio building educational apps, asked Kelli Anderson to make a trailer for their app. Inspired by the app’s original illustrations by Marie Caudry, Kelli and her partner, Daniel Dunnam, cut a forest entirely out of paper. 400 tiny leaves, 500 blades of grass, and 25 squirrels were just some of the elements required to produce this time consuming, 6000 photo project. See how Kelli and Daniel turned out this trailer and know that if you exhibit a fraction of their dedication and patience in your own craft, you'll do just fine. Inspiring work .

How to Remove Tan Lines and Sunburns with Photoshop

Summer is here and chances are you're going to have to remove a few tan lines or sunburns from your photos this season. Luckily for you Aaron Nace is willing to walk you through all you need to know. I've posted tutorials by Aaron before but it wasn't until I had the opportunity to meet him over drinks in the Bahamas that I discovered how talented he really is. Because he is so talented and the summer sun so hot I think this is a great pick to share with you this Sunday.

How Many Photos Would a Stranger Take For a Group?

Here is another lighthearted video for you to enjoy on this lazy Sunday or to help you ease into your Monday morning. I really don't know where DL Cade dug these guys up from but I'm glad he did. If you haven't already seen this video over on Petapixel then watch now as The Chaser's War on Everything try to convince an unsuspecting stranger to shoot 40 different pictures. They even add a few hilarious curve balls in towards the end.

NASA’s Global Selfie: A 3.2 Gigapixel Image of Earth

In celebration of Earth Day, NASA asked people, “Where are you on Earth Right Now?” and had them respond through social media outlets: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Flickr with a photo tagged "#globalselfie". One-hundred-thirteen countries/regions and thousands of photo submissions (approximately 50,000), gave NASA all that it needed to create a “Global Selfie”. Each photo acts as a pixel in a giant, zoomable 3.2 gigapixel mosaic, depicting our planet as it was on Earth Day.

Try Creating and Photographing Your Own Holograms

There are days when living in a tiny New York City apartment really suck. Like when you just watched a cool DIY video on how to make holograms at home and that creates a burning desire to experiment yourself. Watch this video to see how you can make make your own holograms wih glass, mirrors, a projector and some fog, mist or steam.

A Series To Remind Us "Why We Create"

Why We Create, a series by director/cinematographer Andy Newman, features artists and what drives them. This video is the second installment with portrait photographer Nick Fancher but I highly recommend watching all that Andy has to offer as the series will remind you why we got into photography in the first place (An easy thing to forget when on the hustle for clients). Now if you'll excuse me I feel the need to get out and create something. Enjoy the video.

6 Lighting Tutorials from Joe McNally

At the time of writing this post it is a gorgeous spring day and I have no doubt our readers are out shooting and enjoying it. If you have opted to stay in, these six videos provided by Lastolite and taught by the best-in-our-business Joe McNally are what you should be watching... no studying. Seriously. If you absorb every bit of information/advice in these videos you will be a better photographer than you are right now.