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See NYC Days and Nights Combined into One Glorious Frame

Every now and then a cool photo series makes the rounds on the internet and it's hard to miss. But because I like to play it safe and Stephen Wilkes's "Day and Night" exhibit is too awesome to miss I had to post it. Stephen spends no less than 10 hours shooting each New York City landmark until he captures the perspectives of both day and night, to be combined into a single frame. The results are inside.

Splicing Family Genetics Together with a Camera

Once again I find myself impressed and vexed all at the same time. When am I going to produce a creative body of work like Croix Gagnon and Frank Schott's "12:31" or something as intriguing as Ulric Collette's "Genetic Portraits" where he virtually, splices family members together? The genetic similarities between family members allowed Ulric to create a portraits that almost look like normal people when together.

A Website Dedicated to Outing "Photographers"

You may find (a site dedicated to outing supposed professional photography businesses) entertaining, educational and yes even offensive. But one thing is for sure, if you don't get why these pics should be making you shake your head with the occasional chuckle, then you need to be looking at these photos as examples of things NOT to do or consider a new line of work. Vids, Pics & Comments.

Makeup Ads Banned in UK for Too Much Photoshop

I just read on PetaPixel that the "Advertising Standards Authority, the ad industry watchdog in the UK, has banned an advertisement by Lancome featuring Julia Roberts for being misleading, stating that the flawless skin seen in the photo was too good to be true." I'm curious to know how fellow photographers and retouchers feel about standards and regulations governing our practices where advertising is concerned. How would it effect the way we do our jobs or how we look at things aesthetically, creatively and socially? Discussion inside.

Use Your Model's Skin as a Backdrop

I've been wanting to buy a projector for years. Thanks to a post by Kevin Chung of MyModernMet, I may just have the excuse I've needed to invest in one. Numéro commissioned photographer Charles Guo and stylist Shao Jia for their June issue, which featured luxury brand Rolex, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel watches, superimposed on the nude silhouette of model extraordinaire, Alina. You've got to see the results.

If a Monkey Takes a Photo, Who Owns the Rights?

I'm sure you've all read the story about David Slater and how he left his camera unattended, only to have a monkey snap self-portraits with it. When this story came out many jokingly questioned the monkey's copyrights to the photos. A question that has become a legitimate concern after Caters News Agency claimed to have been given said rights and demanded that Techdirt remove the photos from their site. More...

Nudes & Centerfolds: How To Light Them & Get Paid Doing It

Warning: this post is *NSFW*. (Not Safe For Work / Nudity)

Dean Capture, a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience behind the camera, has spent the last 10 years living in Los Angeles, shooting the most beautiful nude models and porn stars on the planet. He's shot covers, centerfolds, featured layouts for magazines like Penthouse and his work is regularly published on the largest, most successful adult websites on the internet. So, if it's always been a dream of yours to make a living out of shooting nudes and glamour then this post can help make that dream a reality. I know it's a tease but you will have to read the full post for us to bare all.

To Screw Or Be Screwed? That Is The Question.
After reading Andy Baio's post about his recent ordeal / lawsiut with photographer Jay Maisel I found myself, as an artist and a photographer, landing on both sides of the fence. If you can visualize that, you'll realize it makes for a very *cough* uncomfortable position. The right to take someone else's photo and make transformative art from it has been an on going hot topic as we've seen in Noam Galai’s Stolen Scream or Glen E. Friedman's copyright infringement case against Thierry Guetta. Like those stories, this article is bound to stir up a hornet's nest of opinions. To avoid suffering from a barrage of stings I've decided to withhold my take on thing and instead ask you the 5 W' the full article here.

FS Weekly News #10: The Week’s Best Photo/Video Related Stories
I want your sex... no wait that can't be right. Sorry, that's what happens when you spend your impressionable years growing up in the 80's. I meant to say, I want your content. If you have something to share or think you know of anything your fellow readers would like to see, then send it along and I may feature it in future issues. FS Weekly is a great way to get your work seen by bunches and bunches of people, so don't be shy, let's see what you got. Missed past issues? You can find them all right here and don't forget to subscribe to have FS Weekly News delivered straight to your inbox.