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Huge Backpack Savings at f-stop

If you're anything like me, you're always struggling to find the perfect bag for the job at hand. While we can usually justify getting another bag based on function, it's often the cost that stops us from investing. High-end bag manufacturer f-stop have pulled out all stops (see what I did there?) for their spring sale this year with some great deals to be had across their entire range.

Five Ways Capture One Is Just Better

Choosing the software to suit your specific needs is not an easy decision for most. A quick search of internet forums will introduce you to zealots from all sides who will tear down anyone who doesn’t use their chosen software. It’s unhelpful at best. As someone who has played for both sides over the past few years, I’ve had a good look into both Capture One and Lightroom. Today, we’re going to look at five reasons why Capture One is simply better than Lightroom. Next week, we’ll do the opposite.

Give Yourself Space to Be Creative

Creativity, while seemingly endless for some, is a beast we need to feed in order to have it work for us. We cannot simply expect to be running at 100% all of the time without stopping, reflecting, and spending time to nurture the force we require to make our best work. As some of you may have noticed (I’m hoping someone other than my mother did), I have just taken a one-month break from writing here at Fstoppers. This was a personal month taken to reset and bring my focus back to what’s really important. This is something I feel we all should do from time to time. Let me explain.

Photography and Video Backup with the QNAP TR-004

As creatives, finding a cost and time-efficient way to keep our files safe is possibly one of our more mundane but necessary tasks. For years, I have been purchasing hard drives and running my backups manually for the most part with Backblaze being used for off-site backups. As my archive grew, however, this became cumbersome. After much searching, I settled on the QNAP TR-004 as my new solution and I’d like to share my experience with you today.

Viviane Sassen Talks Process and Inspiration

One thing many of us struggle with in our journeys as photographers and filmmakers is finding what we want to say and then expressing it effectively through our chosen medium. In this short documentary about Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen, we get a look into what informs a photographers choice of subject matter and method of expression.

Photographing a Laundromat for Six Months

In the modern world, very few of us take the time to slow down and really explore the best possible expression of a subject. With much of the photography industry being results focused in the fast-moving market we live in and even personal work being shared directly to social media for instant gratification, very few of us take the time to photograph a laundromat for six months.