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Derrick Ruf
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Inexpensive Apple Backup Solution for Photographers

If you want to preserve your photos, it is a great idea to make certain you have a backup system in place. As obvious as that sounds, there are still more than a few out there who live life on the edge, and have yet to be bothered with backing up their work. For those of you I offer this inexpensive, and mostly automated, Apple specific backup option you can put in place today.

How to Connect With a Modeling Agency

Have you ever been curious about what it is like to work with professional models and the process of matching your talents behind a camera with an agency’s catalog of models, but never really knew where to start? Here's a great how-to about getting started with working with a professional modeling agency.

Common Blunders Photographers Make

On the surface, it would appear to most that photography is a straightforward endeavor. Point the dedicated camera or smartphone at your desired subject, press or tap the shutter, and hey presto the magic happens. Funny thing is, simple as one can make it sound, still there is so much room for even professional photographers to botch things up.

Embrace Photography Culture With Meetups

What if instead of settling in on yet another evening of editing that overwhelming avalanche of photos, and half heartedly watching Netflix in your pajamas, tonight you excite your palette with a tasty libation while rubbing elbows with a group of like-minded photography enthusiasts. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold.