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Check Out Lightroom's Color Profiles

It's not unusual for a software company like Adobe to continually add features and modify preexisting ones to programs with which we are already familiar. One of these features which recently got an upgrade, Profiles, is a tool created to add new looks and styles to your shots which can't be achieved by using the standard sliders or controls in the program.

The Ultimate Guide to the Dodge & Burn Technique – Part 2: Setting Up For A Good Start

This is the second part of The Ultimate Guide to the Dodge & Burn Technique. Check out Part 1, where I covered the fundamentals of light and shadow rendering in painting here.

So, now that we understand that the shadows and highlights are what makes our 2-dimensional pictures appear to have more volume and dimensions, let's move on to the technical side of the Dodge & Burn implementation in retouching.

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