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Shooting Professionally in Positano, Italy Will Require a Permit

The Italian town of Positano is one of the travel destinations adored by photographers and tourists because of its colorful and dynamic scenery. If you want to know how Landscape Photographer Elia Locardi photographed Positano and many other beautiful locations, check out Fstoppers' latest tutorial "Photographing the World 3." But before that, you need to be aware of the new taxes imposed by city council of the beautiful Italian town, regarding permits for photography and video.

Review of the Canon C200 Cinema Camera

Canon's C200 has been on the radar for quite some time as an affordable cinema camera. This review shows if it's really worth buying it because of its advertised key features such as ability to shoot raw footage, dynamic range, build improvements from previous models, and others. The test has been performed by the guys from The Slanted Lens on a sunny day outside in the city. The reviewers mostly shot in Raw Light format although they've got some files in AVCHD, so they could compare the results later.

Behind the Scenes of the Five Minute Complex Long Take From the Film 'Atonement'

Long takes in films are always impressive because they show a continuous performance of the actors within the scene without any cut. This requires very focused work both from the actors and the people behind the camera. I say "people" because it's not only the camera operator, as you can see in this behind the scenes from the movie "Atonement." It shows how they achieved a spectacular five minute long take that involved hundreds of people, horses (even dead ones), and an abundance of historical props. I thought it was all shot by a steadicam operator walking with the actors but I was surprised that it wasn't that easy.