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How They Shot the Opening Car Chase Scene in 'John Wick 2'

No matter how small I am in the business I always try to watch how the big ones do it. Probably I won't be able to do most of the work those big budget movies do, but I still want to know the principles. Who knows what may come up my way that may need key knowledge I get from videos like these. In that segment the stunt coordinator Darrin Prescott describes how they shot the opening scene from "John Wick 2."

Why Are Movies Shot With Ridiculously Complex Cinema Camera Rigs Instead of Simple Setups?

A video camera is a machine that has recording capabilities that captures images through an attached lens. Whether it's your phone, DSLR, film, or a digital cinema camera, that's the basic principle. But wait. You watch a behind-the-scenes footage of a movie and you see a gigantic monstrous camera that has lots of cables and gadgets. If it's the camera body and the lens that do the essential work, why complicate things that much?

From Dock to Dish: A Beautiful Documentary Shot on the New Canon C200

As with every new product, Canon sponsors a number of projects to show the capabilities of their upcoming C200 cinema camera. Indeed, it has great features at its price level, but what is a great camera without a good example how it was used? The perfect film marriage is between a beautiful story, captivating visuals, and audio that ties it altogether. I think we have them all here, including a glimpse of how it was done behind the scenes.

How to Light for a Film Noir Look

Whether it's a style or a genre, film noir has that signature high contrast look we've seen in many old black and white films. Modern filmmakers also adopted that style of lighting and post-processing in their drama and thriller movies. In this video you'll go behind the scenes of how to achieve that film noir look in camera.

Ten Tips for Shooting Video Footage for Visual Effects

If you're into video editing you are probably interested in visual effects to some extent. Even if you aren't, bookmark the current article as you will eventually be. Visual effects is not some software magic that works with any footage. With video you have lots of still images per second and the process of making a composite needs to be automated as much as possible. Working on a frame by frame basis is avoided as much as possible. In this video you will find 10 quick tips on the importance of having appropriate video content in order to help easily create more realistic visual effects.