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What Cameras Would You Like To See in 2021?

2020 was a great year for camera releases and it's going to be a tough act to follow. Nevertheless, there are rumors of things to come, as well as a lot of speculation. What would you like to see launched?

Learn to Master Desert Landscape Photography

Are you daydreaming about traveling while on lockdown? Why not immerse yourself in the beauty of deserts and learn how to capture beautiful landscape images when we're allowed to travel the world once again?

An Introduction to Previews and Working Offline in Capture One

Capture One is multifaceted image processing and asset management software. As a raw processor, it is considered the gold standard, supporting over 500+ cameras, and with it comes a uniquely powerful tool-set for developing, color grading, and tethering. But that is just the tip of the technological iceberg that is Capture One. With a focus on user experience, its mountain of capability and complexity is hidden under a veneer of simplicity so as to make working with your images fast, focused, and easy. What we'll address today should help in understanding how the software works and how to bend it to your liking, hopefully resulting in an even better experience.

I'm Falling Out of Love with Adobe and the Creative Cloud: Part 2

Late last month I did a post on my ongoing problems with Adobe and the Creative Cloud software and apps. I sometimes find Photoshop unreliable, as well as Bridge. I've also had numerous crashes with the Creative Cloud app too. There were a lot of good comments on my piece, and I also attracted some of the good folks at Adobe who were anxious to weigh in on my experience, which I welcomed.

Stop Watermarking Your Photographs

Let go of the fear and leave your logo and watermark off your images. You will get more work and recognition because of it.

Asking for 'Free' Social Media Photos Is a Poor Practice

I take a trip to White Castle once a year, against my better judgment usually. This time, I tried (and Instagrammed) their new “Impossible Slider” which is a burger that isn’t made from animals, but tastes and looks like it came from something that mooed.

Three Ways to Stay Motivated as a Photographer

Working day in and day out as a creative professional, I don't put a lot of stock in inspiration as a source of drive and creativity. Some days, you just have to do your job whether you're inspired or not. For me, staying motivated is far more important!

Advanced Control of Layers in Photoshop With the 'Pass Through' Trick

If you are working with multiple layers in Photoshop, then you are probably aware of the significance of controlling layer groups when dealing with different blending modes and adjustment layers. Luckily, there is an often-ignored option called “pass through,” and changing that might widen your capabilities.

How to Fake Shallow Depth of Field Using Photoshop

Photos with shallow depth of field are a very popular look in most genres involving people in some way, but they also require pricier lenses to shoot. This helpful tutorial will show you how to fake the effect using Photoshop.

Fstoppers Reviews the Fujifilm X-H1 High-End Mirrorless Camera

Fujifilm has once again revolutionized the X-series with its latest release, the Fujifilm X-H1. Since its humble beginnings with the original X100 and X-Pro1, Fuji has taken aim at the professional content creators market. The quality of still images coming from Fujifilm X cameras has always been spectacular, but their video capabilities have always lagged behind offerings from other manufacturers. This is where the Fujifilm X-H1 comes in, but it’s not only video that sets it apart.

Simplifying the Tone Curve

Lightroom’s tone curve is one of those tools that is often looked over, especially with beginners. This video will explain everything you need to know to get started using this powerful tool.

Here's What Landscape Photography Really Sounds Like

If you watch a lot of YouTube vlogs or tutorials on landscape photography, you're probably pretty used to voice-overs and background music. And while those are fine for storytelling and education, they might hide what the experience is actually like. This great video will show you the natural experience.

Why You Should Never Upload Your Images to Unsplash

If you've ever considered uploading your work to Unsplash, you should probably watch these two videos, or at the very least, familiarize yourself with the points raised by legendary commercial and editorial photographer, Zack Arias. If nothing else, Arias wants photographers to understand the risk of facing a lawsuit as a result of uploading their images to the site.

Real-World Print Comparison: Fujifilm X-T2 Versus Nikon D810

Let's face it, these days most of us don't print the majority of our photographs. Typically they will live on forever on the Internet whether it be via social media, cloud storage solution, or your own website. In today's world, people rather compare sensor technology by pixel-peeping and zooming in to a photograph at 300 percent, criticizing the camera for not rendering a leaf out perfectly half a mile away on screen. What if we took a step back, away from our crazy magnification, and actually hit Cmd+p and looked at how photographs were meant to be viewed: printed.

Saving an Image Using Split Toning in Lightroom

Sometimes, you'll come home with an image that seems rather unremarkable, but when you play with it for a bit in Lightroom, it suddenly becomes something you hadn't envisioned when you first shot it. This great video will show you how to split toning saved an image.

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