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Markus Baumbach
Loma Linda, CA

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How to Stay Creative as a Photographer or Filmmaker

Being constantly creative is hard – really hard. And yet, it's our job to consistently pull innovative ideas out of our hats and wow clients with our imaginations and skill. This helpful video talks about how to keep being creative.

Why Struggle Is a Photographer's Greatest Ally

The pursuit of perfection in any creative craft can often inspire the feeling that one is forever climbing a mighty mountain yet never even rising beyond base camp. Photography is no different, any photographer worth their salt will have trudged through great difficulty to reach mastery in their craft. We all commonly begrudge the struggle, but it is through that struggle that we are able to make all of our most impressive gains.

One Click to Better Black and Whites

Black and white conversion can be a complicated ordeal, and you can find yourself down a deep rabbit hole of theory if you're not careful. There are times where that kind of in-depth analysis is critical to a perfect image, but sometimes you just need a quick fix. That's where this tip comes in.

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