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The Toy That Changed a Photographer's Life

The little red toy car sat on a shelf, serving no purpose. It was inanimate, nothing more than the die-cast metal pieces of which it had been constructed. But it caught the eye of photographer Felix Alejandro Hernandez Rodriguez and an idea — a character — was born. Hernandez changed the car and brought it to life, and in turn, the car changed his life.

Five Different Ways to Make Color Pop Using Photoshop

Controlling color is one of the primary skills that allows photographers to develop their own style. Learning to balance the different aspects of color in your image is one of the more important things you can do.

How Taking Abstract Landscapes Helps to Ease my Anxiety

If you ever feel the weight of the world on top of you, you might want to consider letting loose with your camera. I've found that going outside and having fun with my camera is a fantastic way to combat stress and anxiousness.

The Benefits Of Being An Assistant

When we start out as photographers, it can be a little underwhelming, I mean, we all have this idea of what we're capable of and yet we start out working on small jobs (often) with low budgets. Assisting helps you keep your enthusiasm while rising up through the ranks of experience and gives you access to productions possibly decades away from your current skill set.

Casey Neistat Is Back, But With a Different Daily Vlog

What makes it different this time is that it looks like he will be collaborating with other creators in a massive three-story building he took a lease out on in New York. He's not sure what the business model is going to be, but he's excited to launch the first episode on April 6.

How to Create a Dark Cinematic Look for Your Images Using Photoshop

The dark and moody cinematic look is a popular one that can help make your images pop and catch the viewer's attention. If you're a fan of that style, this fun tutorial will walk you through the entire process of creating the look from normal photos using Photoshop.

How to Easily Create a Photo Mosaic Overlay Using Lightroom and Photoshop

Photo mosaic overlays are a very cool effect that can be a great way to tie a set of images together around a main photo. Traditionally, they're quite a bit of work to make, but this awesome tutorial will show you a shortcut to creating them using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Eight Tips to Improve Your Urban Lifestyle Photography

Urban lifestyle photography has seen a surge in popularity in the last 10 years, particularly with the rise of Instagram. Here, COOPH give eight tips for improving your urban lifestyle shots.

How to Optimize Tethered Capture With Capture One

Some of you may already know how big a fan I am of Capture One. Making the change to Capture One as the primary tool for my workflow has sent my productivity into hyperdrive, the photographic equivalent of adding NOS to my tank (or whatever it is they use to make cars fly in "The Fast and The Furious").

When to Go Wide With Portraits

If I were shooting portraits on a desert island and could only take one lens with me, it would be hard to leave my 70-200mm behind. After picking up a Canon 16-35mm for a trip to Scotland, though, I've found myself using it more and more often when I have people in front of my lens.

When You Should Consider Underexposing Portraits

Depending on the capabilities of your camera, where you're shooting, and how you want the final image to look, you sometimes should consider underexposing a portrait slightly. This great video examines the benefits of underexposing a portrait and when you should think about trying it.

Why Everyone Loves Slot Canyons

Slot canyons can be found all around the world. These narrow canyons can be made of sandstone, ice, granite, clay, or other naturally occurring materials. Some of these canyons can be rather large in both width and depth, while other canyons can be incredibly narrow and difficult to navigate

Easily Capture Everyday Items to Sell as Stock Photography

Have you ever considered the potential of the objects that sit in front of you every day? With the high demand for photos in social media and online marketing, your images of even the most simple items have value. Here’s how to capitalize on this and produce an easy portfolio of stock images to sell.

Five Portrait Photography Mistakes to Avoid

Portrait photography (or any genre involving people) is difficult because no matter how good your technical skills are, there's a prominent human element, and your success hinges on being proficient at working with your subjects. This great video will examine five common portrait photography mistakes to avoid.

How to Create Steam From Scratch in Photoshop

As a commercial photographer and digital artist, I spend a lot of time in Adobe Photoshop. One thing that I love to do is find creative solutions to solve visual problems using Photoshop. I know we all get stuck in our ways from time to time, but If you do any retouching or compositing work for living, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to experiment and find new ways of doing things. Photoshop is always evolving and it’s important that we use these new digital imaging technologies to our advantage. In this article, I go over a technique I discovered to add steam from scratch in Photoshop.

Ten Helpful Tips for Posing Women

Posing is a highly nuanced art that can take a lot of experience to feel comfortably proficient at. This helpful video will give you 10 tips for better poses when working with women.