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Take Only Photographs, Leave Only Footprints

Hunters shoot and kill wildlife. But watch what happens when this hunter puts down a rifle, trades bullets for an SD card, picks up a camera, and starts taking a different approach to shooting.

Create Better Images by Mastering the Exposure Triangle

If you are beginning your journey in photography, mastering the basics of the exposure triangle is one of the best places to start. Here is an excellent illustration of how understanding your camera can help you produce better images.

2019 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition Opens Today

While the awards ceremony for the 54th Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition wrapped up last week in London, the prestigious competition opens its doors today for submissions to 2019's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. For those who are keen to get involved in this next competition, I highly recommend it. Photographers may submit their images up until December 13, 2018 here.

Seven Helpful Tips for Planning a Photography Trip

Going on a photography trip can be a wonderful adventure and a chance to come home with lots of portfolio-worthy shots, but there's more to it than simply grabbing your camera and booking a plane ticket. This great video will give you seven helpful tips to maximize your returns from a photography trip.

Leave The iPad at Home, Print Your Portfolio

Every photographer today has a digital portfolio of some kind but only a very few have spent the time to create a printed book. In this video, we look into three very differently designed printed portfolios.

How to Create Your Own Luck in Photography

Sometimes, I like to tell brief stories about my adventures in life and photography that have little to do with the technical aspects of creating an image and more to do with making sense of an often hectic profession.

The Key to Personal Growth as a Photographer

What is the key to growth as a photographer? Is it buying the best gear you can possibly afford? Nope. Or is it strategically curating your Instagram feed? Probably not.

The One Lens Challenge

Creative challenges not only serve to find new ways of shooting but also to push your limits when in a time crunch. Two videographers set out to challenge one another with one lens in 30 minutes on the streets of London and compare the end results .

An Introduction to GIMP, the Free Image Editor

GIMP has been an alternative to Photoshop for years, and it is still being improved by developers and gaining new users. In this video, you will find a comprehensive introduction to this underrated image editing software.

Stop Focusing on Camera Gear

With news of Nikon and Canon finally entering the full-frame mirrorless market, there have been endless discussions regarding stats and expectations. Don't let yourself get lost in all the gear talk, and remember that you don't need something new to make incredible photos.

Why Would You Photograph the Mundane Everyday Life?

Why would you choose to photograph something that's mundane instead of naturally picturesque locations or scenarios? The short answer is because it's hard and it will test you.

An Interview With Pete Souza: Behind the Images

American renowned former White House photographer and photojournalist, Pete Souza, for his first ever audio interview hosted by Ohio University, speaks of his time documenting the professional and personal life of former President Barack Obama.

The Exposure Triangle: Understanding How Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO Work Together

Don't worry, this isn't a geometry lesson. The exposure triangle is a common way of associating the three variables that determine the exposure of a photograph: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. One must balance all three of these to achieve a desired result, an adjustment of one requiring adjustments of at least one of the others. They do not only affect exposure, but are also the largest determiners of the global appearance of an image; thus, their mastery is absolutely crucial both for technique and composition.

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