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ParaZero Announces Chutes for Mavic, Phantom Drones

Drones are incredible tools for capturing unique images, but they are susceptible to lost signals, crashes, and other calamities that can hurt your wallet or, worse, someone else. Drone pilots looking to add another layer of safety to the already impressive features on their vehicle will be excited to hear about the latest announcement out of Xponential 2018.

Photographer Captures Food Chain in 'One in a Trillion Shot'

Doc Jon was walking along the boardwalk April 13 in Madeira Beach, Florida with his Sigma 150-500mm lens attached to his Canon 6D, when a passerby asked him a simple question: "What can you shoot with that thing?" To give an example, the owner of a medical consulting firm who has branded himself Doc Jon spotted an osprey 400 feet over his head, lifted his lens to the sky, and captured what he calls a "one-in-a-trillion shot."

The Toy That Changed a Photographer's Life

The little red toy car sat on a shelf, serving no purpose. It was inanimate, nothing more than the die-cast metal pieces of which it had been constructed. But it caught the eye of photographer Felix Alejandro Hernandez Rodriguez and an idea — a character — was born. Hernandez changed the car and brought it to life, and in turn, the car changed his life.

Create Your Custom Edges Quickly in Photoshop

A sepia-toned picture filtered with film grain and wrinkles can evoke a sense of antiquity, but crisp edges may detract from the mood the photographer is trying to create. A ragged edge, on the other hand, can enhance the image and fulfill the photographer's vision. However, relying on presets or stock borders can create frustration and wasted time searching for exactly the right edge. Creating your own borders will allow you to flex your creative muscles and finish off your image exactly as you envisioned.

Stealing Accusation Uncovers Incredible Coincidence

When New Hampshire-based photographer Ron Risman posted an image he captured March 3rd of waves crashing against Whaleback Lighthouse off the coast of New Castle, N.H., he had no idea who Eric Gendron was. But after a local meteorologist shared the photo, an incredible coincidence brought the two together as fast as social media could spread the word of what some people thought had to be a case of thievery.