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Tune Up Your Vlog With Five Easy Hacks for In-Camera Transitions

Wrapping up the shooting for your latest vlog is always a satisfying feeling but, of course, the work has only just begun. Cutting, editing, adding sound, text; the list of finishing touches for your vlog goes on. One way to speed up that workflow is to accomplish as much of the work as possible in camera, reducing your workload once you've uploaded your content to your computer. Daniel DeArco has put together a vlog showing off some really easy and effective transitions that will take your vlog from static to dynamic with minimal extra effort.

Make Better Use of Stories to Stand Out on Instagram

Facebook may be filtering your business page out of the newsfeeds of potential clients, but Instagram remains a robust platform for photographers to connect with their audience. However, as the always-entertaining Peter McKinnon notes in his latest vlog, many photographers are missing out on an opportunity to use Instagram stories in a way the company may not have intended.

Know Your Subject, Improve Your Photography

It's a phrase I've heard countless times, and I doubt I'm the only photographer to hear it: "Wow! Right place at the right time, huh?" Whether it's a photo of my children, a wildlife shot capturing a decisive moment, or a seemingly once-in-a-lifetime landscape, viewers often think we just got lucky to capture an incredible photo. In their minds, they only see how they would have gone about capturing that shot, which often is the simple three-step process of raise camera, point, shoot.

Make the Photo You Dream of With Preparation and Patience

Growing up along the coast, I became accustomed to beautiful views of the ocean and, of course, lighthouses are an important part of the New England scenery. One lighthouse, in particular, has long been a favorite subject of mine to shoot. I've spent many days and nights shooting the 67-foot-high structure and its surrounding area, and I always envisioned creating the classic image of a massive moon as it rises behind an interesting foreground structure — in this case, the Point Judith Lighthouse on the southern tip of Rhode Island.

Ten Hacks for Your Camera in Less Than 100 Seconds

Photographers and cinematographers sometimes find themselves in the middle of a shoot wishing they had some piece of equipment to get that shot just right. Whether a gimbal has broken or the light just isn't cooperating, sometimes you just need a creative solution to make the image you visualize in your head. Vlogger and Photographer Hayden Pedersen has put together a video with some clever hacks to help you create the shot you want — video or still — when you might not have exactly the right piece of equipment to accomplish it. And, best of all, you can see them all in less than two minutes.

DSLRs Dominate Flickr's Top Images of 2017

There's no denying the vast improvement in image quality on mobile devices from just about every manufacturer, but if Flickr's top images of 2017 are any indication, they're still no match for a good DSLR (and, of course, a good eye). Interestingly, Flickr compiles data on all of the images on its site and metrics such as views, shares, and favorites helped compile the list. But while more than half of Flickr users post photos shot on mobile devices such as cell phones, all of Flickr's Top 25 Images of 2017 were captured by DSLRs.

B&H Offers Massive Discount on Canon Bundles

If you're a crop-sensor shooter looking to go full frame, or if you're just really into getting great deals on camera gear, B&H is bundling some serious savings into a pair of Canon full frame body kits through Saturday at 11:59 p.m. B&H is heavily discounting the ever-popular Canon 5D Mark IV to $2,849 (after a $350 Canon mail-in rebate) , and the 6D Mark II to $1,349 after rebate, and bundling them both with some great extras.

Skip Lightroom CC and Sync Catalogs With LR Classic

Let's be honest, managing our image files is arguably the least rewarding part of a photographer's job. There's very little satisfaction that comes with a well-organized catalog, and even less satisfaction when we can't find the files we need on a particular device. In the mobile age, having access to all your images and catalogs at any time on any device is critical. And, when you get a new computer, laptop, tablet or other device, getting access to your files can sometimes prove challenging, as I wrote about last week when I purchased a new MacBook Pro from B&H.

When New Gear Creates New Challenges

As the holidays draw ever nearer, retailers are ramping up their discounts, trying everything they can to attract consumers before the close of the year. For many photographers, this represents a prime opportunity to upgrade their gear, whether they need front-end tools such as a new lens or camera body, or back-end items such as a new computer to speed up their workflow. Of course, with new gear, comes new challenges.