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Exporting Photos Has Just Become Even Easier For All Photographers With JPEGmini's Latest Update [Review]

The favorite plug-in amongst many photographers just got a little better, which is great news! In case you haven't read my last article covering what JPEGmini does and what it's all about, it's both a software and plug-in that cuts the file size of every high-resolution photo in half while still retaining photo size and resolution. Sounds impossible, right? We put it to the test and the results did pleasantly surprise us. With that said, JPEGmini listened to what customers had to say and are finally sharing updates to all. Let's dive into what they've added.

Make Photoshoot Scouting Easy With This Simple Phone Hack

Never forget where that perfect shooting spot is ever again! If you're like me, location scouting is something that is never an oversight. In previous articles, I've often written that preparation will make or break a photo shoot, it is essential. With that said, this simple and rather obvious hack that I discovered will make the preparation process that much easier!

Post The Highest Quality Photos Onto Facebook With These Two Export Presets and Plug-In Options

We all work so hard preparing, shooting, retouching, and giving our all to creating our images. After everything is finished and the photos look amazing, we can't wait to share our photos to the world! But how do we know we're uploading the highest quality photos possible? Last year, I shared with you all a preset that I use daily to export photos out of Lightroom for Facebook. In this article, I'll add to my list of recommendations and show you two options that I swear by and have tested over-and-over to make sure I share crisp not only Facebook, but other mediums such as my website; so you can share the same quality!

How Did I Not Find Out About This Sooner? - Amazon Locker Review

Maybe it just fell through the cracks for just me, perhaps it did for you as well, but recently through a friend I found out about the Amazon Locker concept. With Amazon Prime's rapid growth, so has the complaints about stolen packages and damaged packages from shipping companies. So to counter-act, Amazon doubled down and introduced this concept as far back as 2011. I gave it a try recently where I am based in Tampa, here's how it went.

Snap Spectacles Are Now Available to Purchase Online, Here's a Quick Unboxing and Review

If you've been eagerly wanting to get your hands on the unique Snap Spectacles, now you can! Previously the only ways to purchase these elusive sunglasses were to find a pop-up vending machine across the states, or visit the Spectacles store in New York City. They are now available for anyone to purchase on the Spectacles website for $130 (U.S. Only). In light of the recent news, I put together a quick unboxing video to see what you can expect if you decide to purchase a pair.

The Fastest, Easiest Shortcut To Posting Hashtags on Instagram That You've Never Seen Before [Instagram Tips: Part 3]

Instagram is known as the consensus favorite app by photographers in today's age, but even with its name implying posting photos instantly, it's still a pain sometimes to post photos on-the-go at times. For Part Three of my Instagram series, I'll be sharing the absolute fastest method any user can adopt to spend less time posting Instagram photos and more time shooting!

Your Official Instagram Hashtag Guide for Photographers: A List Of The Best Hashtags [Instagram Tips: Part 2]

In Part 1 of my Instagram Tips series, three sure-fire tips were shared to grow the right following, the right way on Instagram. One of the methods was to use the correct hashtags for your audience. This week we're diving a little deeper into what specific hashtags will work best for you based on specific genre. Get your notes out and lets go!

Three Easy Ways To Drive New Followers To Your Instagram For Free [Instagram Tips: Part 1]

Earning the right followers, the right way. In this article I'm excited to share three easy "techniques" that I've used to drive engagement and a stronger following on Instagram. These steps have stood the test of time while trying out different ideas through trial and error. You may know one of these techniques, you may know all of them. Nevertheless, let's get started!

Goodbye Tether Cords: Testing out the New Case Air Wireless Tethering System [Review]

Do you live tied down? Weighed down by the ball and chain? Feel like you're living with a leash on? No, I'm not talking about your love life, I'm talking about that tether cord attached to your camera. In-studio or on-location tethering has become a necessity, especially if you're working with clients. The thought leader in their cable tethering technology, Tether Tools, has created their latest product, Case Air, to help make photographers live free again.

Photographer Von Wong Shows How You Can Prepare for Even the Most Ambitious Projects [Part 1]

If you've kept up with what goes on in the photography world or even in the conservationist realm, chances are that you've come across at least one of Benjamin Von Wong's projects. Von Wong has recently strung together a few transcending projects that focus on conservation, raising awareness on environmental issues, and how we can make the world a better place. One of his most recent projects is focused on raising awareness of plastic pollution in the world. In part one of this video series, he shares his mindset and the preparation that goes into one of his shoots.

Landscape Photographer Shows How You Can Capture Beautiful Images Right in Your Neighborhood

Whether it's the glamor of Paris, the captivating shores of Ireland, or the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon, it is very easy for a photographer to assume that one must go above and beyond to capture the landscape images that he or she desires. Dennis Ramos, a world-renowned fine-art and landscape photographer, took a completely different approach. He captured the beauty that surrounded him where he resides in Tampa, FL.

The iPhone 7 Plus Fashion Photoshoot: Blondes, Brunettes, and Bokeh

What happens when you throw together a shoot with two fashion models, one photographer, and an iPhone? We went ahead and found out for ourselves. As a professional photographer, the most popular question I receive on a daily basis is, "What camera and lens do you shoot with?" I also hear "My camera isn't good. What camera and lens should I buy?" When asked that question, I always make sure to emphasize that great light trumps great gear every time. That inspired me to do put down the D810 and practice what I preach. And what better way than to break in my iPhone 7 Plus?

What You Can Learn From Kanye West in Two Minutes to Become a Better Creative

Love him or hate him, it is hard to ignore the impact that Kanye West has made over the past decade and beyond in the creative world. He has left his fingerprints all over the industry whether it's as a recording artist, songwriter, fashion designer, or an entrepreneur. He has slivered his way into a category that he has actually created; it is hard to define or even completely understand his genre. And that's why it can be very inspiring to listen to him explain what goes on in his mind when the lights are dim and his guard is down. As a creative with your opinions of him aside, this two minute monologue makes you think.

Podcast: I Explain My Keys To Success For Evolving As A Photographer & Creative

Last week I had the pleasure and honor to be interviewed by Clarke Scott whose podcast, Hack The Creative, is a weekly series that dives into the habits, fears, inner-battles, and keys to success from his guests who are creatives from all over the industry. We discussed a wide array of topics including my backstory and career path; practices I use today to sustain and grow my career, as well as what my aspirations as a creative are going forward. I go completely unfiltered and bare all for all of you to listen to as Scott "hacked" me.