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The Faces of Trump and Sanders Supporters Captured By Photographer

As the next chapter of the American Presidency approaches, the field has narrowed down to a handful of candidates to lead the free world. On each side of the ballot, unlikely and polarizing figures such as Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have risen as serious contenders to take the seat at the Oval Office. But who are these people that support them? A photographer discovered this for himself.

An Instagram Suggestion Box: What Would You Add?

Instagram has continued to transcend the way we share our work, our brand, and lives through our mobile devices. It's safe to say that it has taken over Facebook as the preferred mainstream social media platform to share our work. Fellow Writer Ryan Cooper recently put a great article together about features that could use overhauls and improvements. I decided to add some issues that I've run into time and time again and put together an Instagram suggestion box for the Fstoppers community.

Snapchat: The Next Big Thing for Photographers (Part 1)

Since the birth of social media, almost every business, public figure, and of course, creative, like us, are discovering new, interesting ways to engage with their following to portray value. In our industry, engagement and creativity in garnering it is very essential because of the abundance of noise and content that exists in the social media world. By constantly looking for new ways to engage with their fans and projecting value to clientele, there are always innovative ways to fill the gap. With that being said, there’s a new kid on the block and its name is Snapchat.

Hitting a Wall With Your Photography? How to Defeat Creative Burnout

Do you feel at a certain point, after making a long run of photoshoots, that you're hitting a wall with your creative side? Or have you "lost your touch" so to speak? This is also known as "Creative Burnout." As creatives, we've all been there before. At one point we all plateau and need to find a way to break the "funk" to get back of the swing of things. So how do we overcome this?

Basketball Star Kevin Durant Hits the Sidelines as Super Bowl Photographer

Just as we wrapped up the discussion involving amateur photographer Brooklyn Beckham shooting for a prestigious fashion brand, basketball superstar and now amateur photographer Kevin Durant put down the basketball and picked up his Canon 7D to capture the Super Bowl as a credentialed photographer. In his writeup for the Player's Tribune, he tells his story and shares what he captured.

Photographer Captures Latest Viral Craze 'The Condom Challenge'

First, it was the Ice Bucket Challenge. Now, it’s condoms? In case you've haven’t come across this trend on social media, over the last month or so, the “Condom Challenge” has swept the Internet as the latest viral prank. Similar to one of our own humorous photoshoots here at Fstoppers, Photographer Andreas Varro decided to drop water-filled condoms onto his subjects and capture their reactions.