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[Video] Filming 3 TV spots in one day (in Russian)
Greetings Comrads, I hope you've brushed up on your Russian because today we take a little journey via the world wide web to motherland Russia. We'll be watching a BTS video from PP Productions as they shoot three 30-second TV spots for Elitech Tools. It's a pretty big production that goes into the making of spots like these, especially when your doing 3 in one day. Click here to see the full post.

[BTS Video] Behind The Scenes with Portrait Photographer Fritz Liedtke
As an owner of a Lensbaby, I'm a big fan of what these lenses can do. In this video, Lensbaby goes behind the scenes to interview commercial and fine art photographer, Fritz Liedtke. Obviously there are other ways to get similar effects that Fritz shows us but by using the Lensbaby Composer Pro and the Edge 80 Optic, he is able to see it instantly and directly in the camera. Fritz is right when he says that having a couple of these lenses allows us to expand the possibilities for our work. Click the full post to watch the video.

[Deal] Save Up To $200 On Sigma Lenses
BH Photo is offering up to $200 instant savings on Sigmas Lenses until March 31st. The Sigma 17-50 Lens, which is featured in our Gear Guide as one of our favorite lenses, is great for both stills and video. Normally almost $700, you can pick up that lens for $594.00 after the rebate. Listed at $769.00 after the rebate, the Sigma 105 Macro Lens can focus 31 cm away from the subject with a 105mm zoom. That's a pretty good deal considering the Canon EF 100mm Macro Lens will cost you almost $1,000 and will focus up to 30mm away.

[BTS Video] The 2012 D1 Combine Class
In this video, Photographer Tyler Oxendine takes us behind the scenes on his shoot for the 2012 D1 Combine Class. In the first lighting setup, he's using two Alienbee B800's with a PLM Umbrella and a yellow gel attached. In the second setup, Tyler dropped down to using just one of the Alienbee B800's with a PLM Umbrella. In his third and final setup, he used a simple Canon 580ex speedlight inside of a Photoflex LiteDome.

[BTS Video] Photographer Adrien Broom Storybook Themed Shoot
Featured on the Wednesday Rundown before, Photographer Adrien Broom takes us behind the scenes on another whimsical shoot. In this video, she's working with a PocketWizard MiniTT1® [For Nikon/ For Canon] and an AC3 ZoneController [For Nikon/For Canon] to control the power levels of an Elinchrome Digital 2400 and an Einstein™ E640 lights directly from the camera's position. Click the full post to watch the video.

[Video] What Did We Do Before Adobe Illustrator?
Before switching over to photography in college, I studied Graphic Design. I've always had an appreciation for typography and still do to this day. Today, changing size, color, typeface, etc. can all be done in a matter of seconds. Paul Collier, Letterpress and Typography Technician at Plymouth University shows us the beauty of what we did before Illustrator and InDesign. Click the full post to see the video.

[BTSV] Contest: Circus Girls Dangling From High Ceiling
After having their studio space and equipment destroyed from an earthquake, the guys over at the Image Workshop pulled it together to create a pretty cool behind the scenes video. They were asked by alternative Circo-Art performers, "The Damaged Duo" to take their promotional pictures. While they used several different lighting setups, the one thing that remained constant was their use of Broncolor heads and packs which provided fast recycle times. Click the full post to watch the behind the scenes contest entry.

[Gear]  The "Epic" RED Scarlet-X
I thought I'd start at Fstoppers posting about the newest add-on to the RED camera family. The Red Scarlet-X. If you don't know what RED is, take a second, stop reading, open a new tab on your browser, and visit WWW.RED.COM. For those of you that know about RED and their amazing cameras you're fully aware that they released the RED SCARLET-X this past November of 2011. The camera starts at an amazing low(er) price of $11,700. For a camera that shoots RAW and looks that close to true 35mm at just under $12,000 is just insane! Until the release of their most anticipated camera, the RED EPIC-X( no release date yet ), the Scarlet-X is still currently the camera to beat in its price range. Click the full post to see what I'm talking about

[Pics] Long Exposure Images Of Lightning Bugs In Japan
Remember those little lightning bugs that you used to try and catch right before sunset when you were little? Well each year, the guys over at Digital Photo Blog have captured images of thousands of Fireflies that come out during their mating season. Obviously we would never be able to see this with our own eyes but by taking a long exposure they've gotten some pretty surreal photographs that showcase all the different lines and marks these little bugs make. Click on the full post to see more.