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Articles written by Pratik Naik

Book: Quavondo's Photography Lighting Techniques with Images and Light Set-Ups

From lifestyle to celebrities, Quavondo is a photographer that has a wide range of talent. He has a great ability to shoot many genres and do exceedingly well at it. Even prior to meeting him, everyone who knew of him would ask him how he would light his subjects, no matter what he shot. It seemed so effortless in execution but very appealing as an end result. Recently, he released a book with these answers.

A Look Into The Best Post Production Business In The World: Box Studios

Pascal Dangin is the founder and chief of Box Studios, a retouching house based out of NYC. They're known for retouching some of the world's best photographs, some of which grace Vogue and Vanity Fair. He also works with Annie Leibovitz and Steven Meisel. Unofficially, he's credited as being the world's most sought after retoucher in the industry. He is also very mysterious and so is Box. Here, we get an in depth look at what goes on behind the scenes at Box.

Eerie Photos From An Underground World

In the spirit of Halloween, here's a wonderful series that features the exploration of the unknown. Photographer Steve Duncan has been exploring the underground for years. Whether it's from sewers, subways, or tunnels, everything is fair game. Check out a few of his pictures he's taken along the way. As a bonus, we've also included a video of his journey.

Deb Morris Captures Beautiful Shots Of Micro Waves

Australian photographer, Deb Morris, has created a really interesting niche for herself. She captures the beauty of micro-waves. Initially without description some of these images look just like regular sized waves. While most photographers focus on the huge waves, she focuses on waves that are no larger than 30 cm high! She focuses on the smallest ones that come to shore and captures them just when they break. The results are quite tranquil.