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How Famous Images Look With Terrible Watermarks

Kip Praslowicz had an idea just a couple of days ago, how would memorable images look if they had used watermarks? Obviously, this was made to make fun of people who spend a lot of time making elaborate watermarks on their images. The results sparked a lot of commentary as well as thought. What's your opinion? Take a look and let us know.

Charles Eisenmann Photographs “Freaks” In The 1870's

In the 1870's and 80's, Charles Eisenmann had a studio in NY. Aside from shooting regular people, he had a passion for shooting 'freaks' as he would call it. In reality, these people were show people. Over his life span, he shot over 700 portraits and sold them as collectibles.

Chasing Immortality: A Photo Series About Cryonics And Living Forever

With the advancement of science, we're starting to wonder if immortality is really possible. This series of photos by Murray Ballard explores Cryopreservation. This is basically people who have their bodies preserved in the hopes that they can be revived in the future when technological and scientific advancements have reached a point where they can come back to life and continue living on much longer.

The Guide To Not Sucking So Bad on Instagram

By now you've probably formed a clear cut opinion about Instagram. It's the program we either love to hate, or just plain love! If there was such a thing as Instagram etiquette, or the 'right' way to Instagram, this is probably as close to anything we've seen so far. New York City filmmaker Casey Neistat decided to illustrate a few points. He does drop one word of profanity so be cautious if you're in a sensitive area.

Homemade Paper-Cut Silhouettes Create Movie Like Scenes

Photographer, David A. Reeves, captures our imagination with these unique silhouettes that resemble simplified scenes from movies. At first glance, they appear to be pieces of artwork on a digital or traditional medium. However, they turn out to be actual photographs and every element is cut out by hand!

Movie Scenes Overlapped With The Same Locations In Real Life

Blogger and writer, Christopher Moloney, takes memorable scenes from movies and overlaps them with the same location in real life. He prints out the scene in question and physically goes and finds the exact location that it was shot in. He places his hand out in front of him with the print out and overlaps the exact location and takes a shot. The end result is a collection of these great shots that show a contrast between reality and the movie scene itself.

Video Comparison Of The Blackmagic Cinema Camera Vs The Canon 5D III

With just under a week left for our Blackmagic Cinema Camera giveaway here at Fstoppers, we figured this would be a great opportunity to show you how impressive this camera is in comparison to the Canon 5D Mark III. This video, produced by One River Media, really shows how well the Blackmagic performs in every aspect. With 13 stops of dynamic range along with many of its other features, the difference is quite apparent in this video.

Photographer, Peter Alexander, Falls To His Death During London Fashion Week

We've heard unfortunate news that photographer, Peter Alexander, has died this past weekend during a Fashion Week party. It happened on Friday, September 14th, when Peter and his unnamed friend fell out of a 3rd story window. This incident occurred in Shoreditch, an area of Eastern London. Unfortunately, Peter did not make it. The friend, who was also a model in the industry, is currently in stable condition at the hospital.

Health In The Modeling World: Israel Passes Law to Ban Underweight Models

The future looks healthy within the modeling and fashion industry. More and more people want less retouching in general, people want to see change on the covers and on runways. We're seeing more being done to make health a priority in the modeling world. Recently, Israel took a step in banning underweight models. The definition of 'underweight' is having a BMI of under 18.5. Although this is just one country, we'll see trends like this progress more regularly as time goes on.

IBM Shows Us Images Of Molecules Like We've Never Seen Before

The IBM Research group behind molecular electronics in Zurich recently released these beautiful images of molecules in a way that we haven't seen before. They show ties between atoms in such beautiful detail. It's interesting to note how even in nature, at either a microscopic level or to something greather like a honeycomb, the strongest polygonal shape is naturally always the hexagon.

An Entire Wedding Shot On An iPhone And Processed Using Instagram

Kim A. Thomas, a photographer out of San Francisco, recently shot an entire wedding using just her iPhone. She processed everything using Instagram as well. The couple, Jonathan and Brandi, wanted her to do so by request. She never used an SLR for any of the shots. Her main camera was the iPhone 4s with an iPhone 4 as a backup. She did use an SLR mount for her lenses and a tripod. Take a look at the shots and let us know what you think of them!

The Photoshop Troll Brings Humor Back To Photoshop

'Nick' poses as a a team member for a group titled 'Photoshop Request'. For every request, the unsuspecting victim doesn't actually get what they intended. The Photoshop Troll does everything other than what is requested in Photoshop. The end result warrants him the appropriate name, The Photoshop Troll.

This Thai Insurance Video Is The Most Emotional Commercial Ever

As videographers, photographers, and creatives alike, one of our goals with imagery or video is to capture an audience and move people in one way or another. We all work in different areas of the industry but we all share a common bond. This Thai Insurance commercial, Silence of Love, is quite possibly the most emotional and powerful one we've seen. We warn you before watching, it's quite a tear jerker! Although, it's definitely a must watch. The audio in this rendition is from another theme all together.

'100' Showcases People From Age 0 to 100 In Just 150 Seconds

Dutch Filmmaker Jeroen Wolf shows us the span of a lifetime through many different individuals. Going from infancy all the way to 100 in just 150 seconds, this short film is appropriately titled, "100". No matter how simple the nature of the video is, there's something very compelling about this short film. Each clip, no matter how short, shows so much personality from each person.

Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop

Most of us probably use Photoshop on a regular basis. We've almost taken it for granted and it has made life a bit easier for us when it comes to correcting images. It's hard to imagine a world without Photoshop where people still modified and manipulated photos. These images exemplify that and will be a part of a showcase put on by The Metropolitan Museum Of Art.

Inspiring Photos Of The American Space Shuttle Program

With the recent and unfortunate passing of Neil Armstrong, we're reminded of his legacy. We think back to the days of the Space Shuttle program and what it meant. If you've ever been fortunate to see a launch, you know how amazing it can be. Even as a photographic opportunity, you typically see photos of launches from a distance. Photographer, Dan Winters, captures these brilliant up close photos and other details of the Space Shuttle program.