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The Manhattan Project – A Timelapse View Of The Different Areas Of Manhattan

Photographer/videographer, Cameron Michael, spent roughly 5 months making this timelapse view of Manhattan. It spans across the entire area and shows the stark contrast that makes the city so appealing. After months of time, the struggles of getting location access, and the manual labor of lugging around 130 pounds of equipment around the city, Cameron finally released this great video as an ode to the city and all its beauty.

Framed Interviews Photographer Claudia Kunin On 3-D Art And Ghost Stories

If you're into apparitions or anything spooky, this interview with former commercial photographer, Claudia Kunin, will captivate you. Without giving away much, check out the interview. Her work is extremely unique in what she does and where she's come from. She says she loves ghosts because she's been fascinated since she was a little girl. Combining that love with 3-D ends up taking it to the next level. She even goes over how she does it. More details in the full post.

[Video] Florence Colgate From The UK Is Regarded To Have The Most Beautiful Face

18 year old Florence Colgate from Britain won the 'Britain's Most Naturally Beautiful Face' contest. Apparently, it was based on the science of symmetry, width and length of her face, and perfect facial features. Some have even regarded her as the having the World's most perfect face. With beauty being so subjective, do you believe there is a science behind it? What do you define as perfect?

Michael Kloth Takes Emotionally Engaging Portraits Of Sheltered Cats To Help Adoption

Arizona based photographer, Michael Kloth, started taking photos of sheltered cats in hopes to get them adopted by showing their personalities. “My experience has been that quality photography is the first step in marketing these furry works of art to potential adopters. It is my hope that I can use these local animals as a voice for the millions of homeless animals nation and worldwide."

[Pics] Combining The Microsoft Kinect And Infrared Photography To Produce Stunning Results

With technology continually advancing, it increases what we can do with photography. In this series by photographer Audrey Penven, she uses her infrared camera to capture the light that the Kinect puts out. Keep in mind, these dots of light cannot be seen by an unaided eye, which is why the infrared camera is needed. This series titled, Dancing with Invisible Light, is a series that plays on this concept. It's not only a beautiful effect but it is also well captured.