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Peter Hurley Tells The Story Of How He Became a Pro Photographer

Anyone who reads Fstoppers knows about Peter Hurley and his successful headshot business. Aside from being a great photographer, Peter is also a respected educator and speaker. We always see him in action in the different videos, and see his working techniques and creative direction, but we never really had the chance to hear the story of how he became the successful photographer he is today. Check out this very interesting video where Peter talks about how he went from being on the Olympic team, to being a headshot photographer.

This Movie Took 12 Years To Film, All For One Interesting Reason

'Boyhood', a soon-to-be-released movie is doing something that was never attempted by a major film before. Filmmaker Richard Linklater made a movie about growing up and decided it would be interesting to film it using the same actors for all stages of the story and therefore it took 12 years to complete. The youngest actor was 7 when filming started in 2002, and 19 years old when they finished.

How to Maintain Perfect Lighting for a Moving Vehicle Set

One of the hardest parts of filming on moving sets such as moving cars or trains is to maintain perfect lighting in a way that makes sense to the viewer. There are many obstacles the filmmakers have to deal with when shooting on a moving set, like how to move the lights while keeping it on the same angle while the vehicle is moving and how to keep the camera shot steady and focused on the subject. Check out this great BTS video showing how filmmakers in China solved these problems.

Video Shows How a Wedding Photographer Preps His Equipment

New York based wedding photographer Richard B Flores is taking his job very seriously. Like all of us, he works hard on the day of the event and of course the following days while he edits. But Richard is doing something maybe not many of us do: he spends the day before each event heavily prepping his equipment - from cleaning, to syncing and charging. Check out his BTS video showing the prep day and read his explanation for each of the steps.

Sneak Peek at Shutterstock's New HQ in New York City

Shutterstock was founded in 2003 by entrepreneur (and photographer) Jon Oringer who wanted to create a 2-sided marketplace for stock photos (and later also video). Since then the company grew and became one of the biggest photography-related companies in the world. As of today they sell over 30 million stock images, and add 20,000 new images a day. This week the company's HQ relocated and moved to the iconic Empire State Building, and the offices look amazing.

Pathé News Just Released 85,000 Newsreels And They're Amazing

Pathé News (AKA "British Pathé") was one of the biggest news agencies in the world in the 20th century. Maybe the biggest of all. The company was founded in 1896 and mainly focused on producing newsreels for movie theaters (before the TV took over). They stopped producing newsreels and documentries in the early 1970s as they couldn't compete with news broadcasts on TV. This week they uploaded the full collection of their films (85,000 of them) to Youtube, including un-aired materials.

14 Years In Just Four Minutes:  Whole Life Of a Teen In One Timelapse

Many photographers try to take on cool on-going photography-related projects, and many break in just few days or weeks. You know what i'm talking about - 365 projects or 1 Second Everyday kind of projects. Dutch filmmaker Frans Hofmeester, took on one of these projects and took it to the extreme. He filmed his newborn daughter every week from the day she was born all the way until she celebrated her 14th birthday.

How To Pose And Photograph a Huge Group Shot With Thousands Of People

Photographing large groups and make the photos look good is always a hard task. Any group of over 7-10 people can look awkward and the photos are usually not very appealing. But what if the group is not of 7 people, but of 1,500-2,000 people. If any of us will get the task of shooting 2,000 people we'll probably think it's a prank. But for photographer Chaim Perl it is part of his daily routine. Check out the in-depth BTS video and images of how he creates these huge group shots.

This 360° Spherical Panorama Video Takes Panoramas To The Next Level

Photojournalist Jonas Ginter always wanted to take the idea of the still-2D spherical panoramas and somehow make them in video format. It took him 2 years to develop the idea and tools, but finally last week he achieved his goal. Jonas used a 3D printer to build a special mount that holds 6 GoPro cameras, and placed them as close as possible to each other to make sure they overlap. The result is simply great.

Saving Eliza: The Photo Community Comes Together To Help a 4-year Old Girl

Eliza O'Neill is just a normal 4-year old, she likes to sing, play soccer and be around her family. But in just few months this is all going to change. Eliza was recently diagnosed with the very rare and terminal Sanfilippo syndrome, which is going to deteriorate her body and brain functionalists very quickly up to a point she won't be able speak or walk. Few photographers and photo companies came together to help Eliza's family raise funds to find a cure for the disease.

This DreamWorks Animator Is Using His VFX Skills To Turn His Son Into a Superhero

James is not one of the ordinary kids in town. James is a superhero shooting lasers from his eyes and flying around. These super powers are all possible thanks to his dad, Daniel Hashimoto, who is a DreamWorks animator and a visual effects specialist based in LA. Daniel decided to use his visual effects skills and upgrade his own home-videos of his young son James, who is now also known as "The Action Kid".

GoPro Mounted On Syrian Tanks Record Interesting and Terrifying Videos

This is not an educational piece or a product review. This is also not a post showing the creative and artistic work done by people in the industry. It is just a post about a very unique use of the GoPro camera. While it is not creative, artistic or educational, it is very important to watch this video. It shows us what news cameras will never be able to show: the real POV of the war in Syria.

Learn How To Fix Color Banding Using Just One Simple Tool

Color banding is a problem we encounter when retouching many of our images or making them ready for print, but in many of the cases we just ignore it hoping no one will notice. In this long and detailed video, photographer / illustrator Lee Varis explains why banding appears in our photos, how we can recognize it, and shows the best methods we can use to fix it.