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[Video] Impressive At High ISO - Ruin Porn Shot On Canon C300
The Canon C300 can utilize a Gamma Curve called Canon Log to increase it’s usable dynamic range to a remarkable 12 stops (explained in detail here). Kevin Ritchie spent a day at the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly just testing it out, and I think the results are a great real world example of the power of the C300/Log Gamma combination. Shots look clean at 6400 ISO! Is anyone else as excited for this camera as I am?

[BTS] 6,878 Hours To Make One Awesome 30 Second Ad
There’s something to be said for painstakingly creating an entire scene by hand, out of nothing but paper. The thing you say is WOW! British production company Blink, with direction by Joseph Mann, worked with a team of paper artists to create elements for this Peugeot ad. See the full post for the ad as well as a behind the scenes look at all the work put into this awesomely crafted commercial.

[Video] The Photographers Behind Their Iconic Photos
Photographer Tim Mantoani has been working on a 5-year project called “Behind Photographs”, where he has been capturing the artists that were responsible for some of the iconic images that have shaped our culture. In this video he talks about his process a bit more, and shows the rare 20x24 Polaroid camera he used. Very cool historical piece here, it’s an interesting juxtaposition showing the photo with the photographer.

[Video] ‘Park Life’ A Doc On Climbing, Life, And Filmmaking
The filmmakers at Louder Than 11 shot this documentary in Yosemite Valley and have made it freely available for anyone. While most of this visually-rich film shows bouldering, it’s all about the stories of the climbers, including the filmmakers themselves, who talk about balancing their passions for climbing and filmmaking. This has arguably some of the best graphics and editing I’ve seen in a rock climbing video. Shot on an AF100.

[Video] Custom Firmware Enables HDR Video On Canon DSLRs
The custom firmware developers over at Magic Lantern recently released a new version of their firmware for the Canon 550D, 60D, 500D and 50D which adds an HDR function to video recording. A release for the 5Dm2 is out for beta testing at the moment. The footage looks a little stilted when there is motion, but this is still pretty incredible considering the firmware is free to anyone who wants it! See the technical bts video.

[Video] Nikon D4 Video Features Demonstration (Updated)

The new Nikon D4 has some amazing capabilities on paper, and by now most people have seen the amazing video by Corey Rich. The video below demonstrates many of the D4's new video features, including using an iPhone or iPad to control the camera, clean HDMI out onto an external recorder, and selecting the crop modes. Nikon really did this one right, but it looks to me as though that the focus tracking makes the aperture breathe, which would make it unusable during recording. See if you can spot where he knocks the camera over by mistake!

Update: Also, check out the full post for a demo of the D4 working with the new WT-5 wireless transmitter and the iPad.

[Gear] Accessories For Better Audio On Your DSLR Video Projects
Hey there everyone, my name is Mike, and I’m one of the new Fstoppers crew. Today I’m bringing you up to speed on some audio gear you might find useful for your video shoots. Besides using an H4N to record second-system sound, what else can you do to get better audio for your video projects when shooting on a DSLR? This question plagues a number of video shooters I know, sometimes because of budget, or simple the need to keep their kit as small and portable as possible. Click to see the full post here.