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Michael Muller Photographs Great White Sharks in Medium Format for 'Into the Shark's Eye'

Going from A-list celebrity headshots in Hollywood to swimming with sharks in South Africa in 72 hours, photographer Michael Muller seems to balance his commercial work with his personal work quite well. In this behind-the-scenes video, we get to come along with Muller as he attempts to capture a great white shark breaching the water — while being lit by strobes.

Simple Trick to use Filters on Fisheye and Wide-Angle Lenses that Don't Have Threads

I love simple, easy to implement solutions to a common problem. The problem in this case, is using any sort of ND, polarizer, or other lens filter on wide-angle lenses that don't have filter threads. Sure, there are filter holder solutions but those can be a bit pricey for a hobbyist. In this video from MrCheesyCam, we're shown a simple way to DIY a filter onto a lens with some tape and card stock.

The Current State of Drone Regulations, FAA Rules, and What's Coming Soon for Aerial Videographers

It seems like at least once a week I find myself having a conversation with a filmmaker or photographer who is struggling to understand the current state of rules, with regard to the commercial use of drones. And who can blame them? Digging through the FAA's website to get clear information is a painful exercise, and things continue to change every few months. This video features Chris Newman, a professional drone pilot, to break the current policies down in a clear language, and he tells us what to expect next from the FAA.

Video Review of the Sony G-Master 24-70mm f/2.8 Lens by Tony Northrup

In February, Sony announced their new "G-Master" lineup of full frame zoom lenses, with fast apertures and made specifically for their mirrorless camera options, like the popular the a7rII, or even the recently reviewed a6300. In this video review by Chelsea and Tony Northrup, they got to kick the tires of the new 24-70mm f/2.8 Sony G-Master lens, and were impressed by the results.

Fstoppers Review of the 3Pod Monopod for Field Photography, Video, and Self Defense?

The smaller size, lighter weight, and ability to get a high angle shot has made the monopod a useful tool for many photographers and videographers, especially for subjects like sports, wildlife, and run and gun situations. I got to review the new 3Pod Orbit Monopod to test its features on a couple of different projects to see how it holds up to real world shooting scenarios.

A Closer Look at the New Canon 80D DSLR Camera

While most professionals may have overlooked the latest DSLR to come out from Canon, the 80D, there are a few new features that are important to note. Whether you're a Canon shooter or not, keeping up with the featureset that's included with a modestly priced ($1200) compact camera is a good way to stay plugged in to where certain manufacturers are at, especially when it comes to having a lower-cost, backup camera. Here's a few videos that go in-depth with the 80D, and point out some of the more notable tricks this little camera has up it's sleeve.

Your Photo and Video Work is a Representation of Yourself, Not Your Client’s Budget

Are you proud of every commercial photo or corporate video production you’ve done? Have you ever found yourself explaining to someone, maybe even a client, about how a project you worked on could have been better, but you were held back by the lack of a big budget? That’s understandable to a point, but I think there has to be a certain standard of quality with any production, regardless of budget.