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Creating the Bullet-Time Effect with an iPhone and Some String in 'Centriphone' Video

The term "centripetal" refers to a force that makes a body follow a curved path, and in this case, an iPhone 6 is that body. "Centriphone" is a play on that term, as an orbiting iPhone shoots super slow-motion footage of a skier at the center of its path, as they cut their way down the side of a snowy slope. This clearly takes selfies to the next level.

Behind the Scenes on the First Film Shot Entirely with the Prius Backup Camera

This short film is a great piece of satire, aimed at some of the stereotypical characters and views found on an indie film set. Couple that with a concept that is ridiculous, yet believable enough to be true, and you've got gold. This humorous short takes you behind the scenes of a film shot using only the Toyota Prius backup camera.

Creating Three Different Portrait Photo Lighting Setups in One Second

In this video, Daniel Norton of Adorama takes you into his studio, showing you how to set up for three different lighting scenarios, with the ability to change from one to another at the flip of a switch. This is great for if you have extremely limited time with models or actors and need alternate looks or options between them.

A Systematic Approach for Getting New Clients for your Photography or Video Production Business

One key to longevity in filmmaking or photography is to have regular clients that you enjoy working with. What’s even better is when you have enough work coming in from those top clients, so that you can actually pick and choose the projects you take on, and even go as far as to expand your business or pass work off to qualified associates for a modest finders fee. It takes a long time to get there, but being savvy about building a client base can help tremendously.

Tony Northrup Reviews the 4K DJI Osmo Handheld Gimbal

Photographer Tony Northrup got his hands on the new Osmo from DJI, which records a 4K image on a gimbal stabilizer through its built-in camera. The whole thing fits into an incredibly small, handheld package and sells for around $625. Is it up to par with competing products, and is it as awesome as the hype has led us to believe? Northrup answers those questions and more.

Behind the Scenes on 'Scenic Silhouettes' as Photographer Miles Holden Goes Back to the Basics

New Zealand Photographer Miles Holden has plenty of options when it comes to diverse landscapes at his disposal. In this series called "Scenic Silhouettes," Holden wanted to focus on a more simplistic, quieter series of images of bike riding, set against a stunning landscape. This behind-the-scenes video takes you helicopter-hopping around diverse topography of New Zealand with Holden during his project.

First RED 'Raven' 4.5K Camera Footage Hits YouTube in the Film 'Carrion'

Since it was announced a few months ago, the budget-friendly (relatively speaking here) RED Raven has been on the radar for many indie filmmakers and production crews, for good reason. Boasting a dynamic range of 16.5 stops and a max resolution of 4.5K, for a body-only cost of $5950, it's easy to see why. The film here was shot exclusively with the Raven camera.

VonWong Goes Stormchasing for Severe Weather Backgrounds in Portrait Series about Climate Change

No stranger to unique and challenging photography pursuits, Ben VonWong's latest adventure sent him across the Western United States in search of summer thunderstorms, with an entourage of assistants, filmmakers, and models helping along the way. VonWong shared this behind-the-scenes video, but also some insightful information as to the conversation he hopes to start– one about the seriousness of climate change.

Behind the Scenes with Photographer Craig Kolesky Shooting Skiing and Biking in the African Desert

It can be a real creative challenge to try and concept, as well as execute, something that has never been done before, especially in photography. Adventure photographer Craig Kolesky accepted that challenge and ended up in the desert of Namibia, with two unlikely athletes for such a location. I asked Craig a few questions about this project that he shot for Red Bull Photography.

Can't Get Enough Lens Flare? This See-Through Lens Adapter Lets Light in, On Purpose

Matt Allard from has been hopping around Inter BEE 2015, an NAB-like exhibition that takes place in Japan, reporting on new video gear from established, as well as developing companies. In this particular video, he gets to try out a different type of lens adapter– one that is built specifically to let light leak in from the sides and flare the image as it's recorded in-camera.

Been Looking for the Perfect Travel Tripod for Video? The Lightweight, Packable 'International' Might Be It

If you're a traveling filmmaker, professional or enthusiast, one of the most important investments you can make is in a tripod. The challenge is often finding a set of sticks that are lightweight, sturdy, can extend to be at least 5 feet tall, and last but most important, pack down to a size small enough to carry on a plane. A tripod that can do all of this often comes with a hefty price tag, but for backers of the International Kickstarter, you can snag a pre-order at a discount.

SmugMug Film Follows Adventure Photographer Tim Kemple Capturing Ice Climbers in Iceland

SmugMug teamed up with adventure photographer Tim Kemple and traveled out to Iceland with a couple of athletes in search of ice climbing and photographic opportunities unlike any that have been captured before. This film gives the viewer insight into Tim's process, but also captures the landscape and action very elegantly. This film blurs the line between behind-the-scenes, adventure film, and short documentary.

Behind-the-Scenes Video for the Amazing Squatty Potty Commercial

If you've been on Facebook or hopping around YouTube's popular videos lately, chances are you've seen the video advert for the "Squatty Potty," a step stool used to make, well, going poop much easier on your body. Sound like a tricky concept to sell? See how a team of creatives turned an ad about a dookie-easing product into an Internet sensation.

Mac Stone Discusses His Conservation Photography at the Everglades

When people think of visiting the Everglades, wading around neck deep, alligator infested waters isn't exactly what most folks have in mind. For Florida-born photographer Mac Stone, this is what he calls his office. Stone has been steadily developing his work in conservation, particularly of wetlands. He recently gave a compelling speech at a TedTalks event, discussing not only his evocative work but importance of the wild areas he works in.