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Adobe Announces Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC Updates and More

Adobe MAX is always a big time of the year for photographers, but this year's announcements and updates are the company's biggest since the introduction of Lightroom. Going forward, the now-old desktop-run Lightroom CC is called Lightroom Classic CC. But there's nothing classic about it when it comes to its performance improvements. This time, it's for real. Lightroom CC is now a completely new, 100-percent cloud-based product that works on any platform: desktop, mobile, and web. And Photoshop CC improvements help tie everything together no matter what you're using.

[Updated] Sigma Will Repair Any of Its Warrantied Products Damaged by Hurricane Harvey, Irma, or Maria

Sigma recently announced it will repair or replace any of its products still under warranty that may have been damaged or destroyed by the recent hurricanes that have wreaked havoc on the southeastern part of the United States in recent months. If you have a Sigma product that didn't survive one of these recent hurricanes, as long as it is under warranty and received by Sigma by December 31, 2017, along with a copy your original sales receipt, you will receive repairs free of charge or a replacement at a "special price."

Canon Announces PowerShot G1 X Mark III

Despite retaining the same series name, the Mark III version of the G1 X is more than just iterative. This much is immediately apparent when one notices the larger, semi-pro level APS-C 24MP sensor and Digic 7 processor inside this new, compact point-and-shoot. I haven't been as excited about a compact APS-C camera since ill-fated and short-lived Nikon Coolpix A. Moreover, the Mark III features an entirely redesigned body that puts even more distance between itself and the Mark II.

Seagate Announces Massive 12 TB Desktop and NAS Drives

Adding 20 percent storage to its previous high-capacity models, Seagate now offers 12 TB hard drives in a 3.5-inch size. These spinning disks feature transfer rates up to 250 MB/s and use still relatively new helium gas technology usually reserved for enterprise drives to reduce friction throughout the eight-platter internals. The new 12 TB drives come in three Guardian Series flavors: Barracuda Pro for desktop use and IronWolf or IronWolf Pro for use in network-attached storage devices that often feature multiple-drive RAID configurations.

Adobe Spark Gets Much Needed Feature Improvements, Flexible Branding, New CC Plan

Adobe Spark has been the brand’s relatively recent jump into a range of both online and mobile products that make it easy for anyone to create well-designed content including videos, web pages, and graphics. For creatives that fancy themselves better image creators than designers of promotional flyers or small web experiences or for DIY small business owners, Adobe Spark hopes to fill in the gaps and make it both easy and fast to design range of content types for your business. Today, Adobe released some much needed updates that mark the start of what Spark always should have been.

BTS: Photographing Jennifer Lawrence for Her Foundation on a Time Crunch

Clay Cook recently photographed Jennifer Lawrence for the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation, which "assists and empowers charitable organizations that fulfill children's vital needs and drive arts awareness and participation." In what's perhaps the most unique twist, Cook has always wanted to professionally photograph Lawrence, who he and his family actually grew up with in another lifetime. But he describes wanting to earn it, and finally did.

Apple Announces iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and More

It's a big year for Apple. This is the year Apple finally introduces some major technological upgrades from augmented-reality and improved cameras to OLED screens in its iPhone lineup. And in doing so, they've released three new models alongside each other, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X. Most importantly for us, however, is that the new iPhones not only feature the best cameras yet, but also more broadly represent the biggest leap in image technology in a single year thanks both to new hardware and software.

Beers and Cameras Is an Awesome Photographers' Meet-Up that Might Be in Your Area

The Internet is full of memes comparing what people think photographers do with what we actually do. A lot of our actual time is spent inside, editing, on the phone, or sprucing up the website. And through it all, it can be difficult to meet and collaborate with others in our field while we're so busy with our own schedules. But by not getting out and meeting each other, we're missing a huge opportunity to help each other out, pass along jobs outside of our area of focus, and potentially collaborate or partner on future projects. So what if we could meet in a cool, casual environment over a beer to discuss all things photo? Enter Beers and Cameras.

Curvature Pen Tool: Adobe Photoshop CC Sneak Peek of an Easier Pen Tool Coming Soon

The Pen tool is incredibly powerful, but not always the easiest to use for newcomers. Even those familiar with other Photoshop features are often less proficient with using the Pen tool to select specific areas or create paths. While it's not meant to replace the original Pen tool, the new Curvature Pen tool previewed in this video helps make a faster and more accurate selection around objects with curved edges in a way that could even be faster for those who are already good with the traditional Pen tool.

Rent a Camera to Help Someone Get His Family's House Back

A few days ago, Lee Morris wrote up a story about fellow Fstoppers Writer Andrew Richardson's unfortunate circumstance after he came back to the first home he purchased just three weeks before Hurricane Harvey hit only to see it completely flooded. A contractor told him it would cost at least $50,000 to repair the home that Andrew had already started remodeling with his wife, Desiree, to make it their own. We're a photography website, so it seems only fitting for me to try and help by letting you rent film cameras through Film Objektiv while helping Andrew at the same time.

See Nikon D850 Autofocus Features in These Hands-On Videos

Sporting the D5's 153-point autofocus system and metering sensor allows the D850 to take full advantage of the sensor inside it to produce stunning results. However, Nikon also added a number of new software-based features to really take advantage of this system. Below you can watch a series of videos that show these various features, from Focus Stacking and Focus Peaking to focusing at -4 EV. Also, get a peak through the viewfinder to see the electronic vibration reduction, and more.

How to Properly Use a Gimbal for Smooth Video

So you bought a gimbal! Great! But now you're wondering why your gear is still coming out slightly shaky and why the gimbal isn't doing as promised and creating a buttery-smooth video for you like magic! Odds are you're not quite using it right. But thanks to Christian Santiago, we can get a great virtual lesson on what you should be doing to shoot like the pros.

Olympus Announces OM-D E-M10 Mark III with 4K Video, 121 AF Points, Same Price

Olympus packed a big punch into a tiny camera today with the announcement of its OM-D E-M10 Mark III. The camera features a 16-megapixel sensor and can shoot at 8.6 fps. These features, added to the 3-inch touchscreen and even the 5-axis in-body stabilization, are nothing new. The treat here is the addition of 4K video with a respectable 102 mbps bitrate and a new 121-point autofocus system — all for the same price that the Mark II sold for yesterday technically still sells for today.

Photographer of 'Distracted Boyfriend' Meme Explains Process

One of this year's more popular memes has been the "distracted boyfriend" meme in which a girlfriend looks at her boyfriend in disbelief as he turns around and eyes another girl right next to her. Perhaps the most clever and fitting adaptation (for us) yet has been the above image from the D850 Facebook page. The relatively new photographer behind the original image spoke to Wired about his process and how he captured his most popular stock photograph yet.

Hands-On With Hasselblad X1D-50c's New Firmware, Adds Electronic Shutter and Multiple Focus Points

The Hasselblad X1D-50c is the company's most affordable medium-format camera and represented a major shift as the world's first mirrorless medium-format camera. Hasselblad released a new firmware update that brings two new features users have long asked for: electronic shutter capture and more, multiple, user-selectable focus points. How well do these features work? I'll tell you, firsthand. While you can look out for a full review of the X1D-50c in a bit, I took the liberty of loading the new firmware update onto the camera and took it for a quick test drive.