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[Funny] Canon 7D Versus Barbie Video Girl

Hola FS'ers! I would rather not lend this video any kind of explanation and just have you watch it, but I have to write some kind of intro, so here goes. When I first watched this I really wasn't sure what they were getting at, until the comparisons started coming. Then it became obvious. This is a funny video. I laughed a bit, and then my wife watched it and snorted (sorry honey, they have to know that you snorted). Enjoy!
[Photos] Photographer Li Wei's Work is "Wei" Out Of The Box

Photographer Li Wei from Beijing, China is making quite a name for himself with his acrobatic photos and straight up mind-bending group shops. I am not sure what exactly his process is, but what his images may lack in photographic technique he more than makes up for with his content. Check out the full post for some of his work and the links to his site. Enjoy!
[Video] Jeremy Cowart Takes Us Through His New Portfolio

Entertainment Photographer, Jeremy Cowart, walks us through his new print portfolio and explains his reasoning for image placement and what is meant to catch his client's eye. I must say, it is quite impressive and there is much to learn here that you can apply to your website's portfolio as well. Enjoy!
[Video] Incredible Timelapse Of Earth From Space

NASA must be training actual photographers to go into space these days, this timelapse of Earth as seen from the International Space Station is proof. This is one of the radest timelapse videos I have seen of Earth and it's weather. From auroras to electrical storms, this video illustrates just how incredible this planet's environment can be. Full details in the description on Vimeo. Enjoy!
[Images] Cecilia Paredes Artistic Self-Camouflaged Portraits

Cecilia Paredes was born in Lima, Peru, and currently lives and works between San Jose, Costa Rica and Philadelphia. Her "Camouflage" work is a series of self portraits where Paredes paints her own body to blend in with the background. Homegirl does this herself! CiCi def has some talent. Enjoy! Via Feature Shoot
[Video] Awesome BTS Look Of Special Effects In Boardwalk Empire

The boys at Brainstorm Digital have put together a great BTS look at how Boardwalk Empire's special effects come together to bring you the finished product that you end up seeing. It blows my mind when I see things like this, because I have very little knowledge as to how it is done. Enjoy!
[Gear] Great New Stabilization System For iPhone, GoPro And DSLR

Kickstarter is chock-full of incredible new products and ideas, and here is one of my favorites. Kyle Hart of Puyallup, WA has come up with the EZ-Steady, a very affordable stabilization system, that glides an iPhone, GoPro or DSLR through the air with ease. Check out the EZ-Steady video and then head on over to Kyle's Kickstarter to get your hands on one of these puppies. Enjoy!
[Video] How To Use An ND Filter With Your Strobes

Have you ever been shooting with your big boy lights and wished you could shoot with your aperture wide open, but your lights are too bright to allow this? You, my friend, need a Neutral Density Filter. In this video, Mark Wallace breaks down the uses of ND filters and how to use them properly. Enjoy!
[Video] The iPhone Photoshoot, UK Style

Well, it seems that a good idea is worth stealing, in this case it's the iPhone photoshoot that Fstopper's own Lee Morris did well over a year ago with a 3Gs. Well, Cris Matthews of VideoJunkie in the UK has done his own take using an iPhone4 and an LED video ring light. Enjoy!
[Video] Lighting Workshop With Commercial Photographer Robert Seale

This video workshop presented by gives us an in-depth look into the lighting and workflow of established commercial photographer, Robert Seale. He goes through many lighting setups and shows us how to use light and how to effectively mix the ambient. Enjoy!
[Video] Kareem Black Explains Shooting The King

From the Profoto Master series, Kareem Black explains the process and how he shot his award winning image of the Burger King King. He shows us his lighting diagrams and a bit of why he did what he did. Enjoy!
[Video] BTS Look at a Kitesurfing Paradise

Naish Kiteboarding's Brand Manager, Damien Girardin, gives us a BTS look at what goes into the making of their photoshoots and video productions. The video starts with a short and sweet explanation of what they went through to make it and then cuts to the final product. Enjoy!
[Video] Sushi Roll Goes To Space

Ok, I wasn't really sure whether to label this [Video] or [Funny], because I laughed through the entire thing. Is this the future of small business advertising? First Toshiba puts a chair in space, then sushi makers put their rolls up there. What's next, dog breeders? How far will this trend go? Click Here for the full post.
[Funny] The New Revolution In Beauty

My buddy Jesse Lash just posted this video on his Facebook and I had to share it with everyone here on Fstoppers. Check out this hilarious video from film maker Jesse Rosten titled "Fotoshop by Adobé". Enjoy! Click Here for Full Post With Video.
[BTS Video] Light Painting Product Shoot Of A Volvo Big Rig

Product photography can get pretty tedious at times, but this shoot for the new Volvo FH 540 is on another level. Tim Bjorn shows us how to shoot a massive, shiny vehicle all while having an incredible workflow and paying much attention to detail. Check out the full post and see how you can incorporate these techniques into your shots where you're model is larger than your lights can cover.
[Video] Composite Master, Dave Hill, Shows Us His Process

Here is a looong (but good) video of Dave Hill talking to a room of digital creatives, who aren't necessarily photographers, about how to make great images. It's all straight from the conference room and has quite the C-Span vibe to it, but it's well worth watching. This kid knows what he's doing and he does what he does so well. Enjoy!
Jeremy Cowart Is Going On Tour!

Following the aftermath of the tremendously successful Flash Bus Tour with Joe McNally and David Hobby last year, I can only assume that we will now be seeing many of our other favorite photogs going out on tour in the near future. First on the list is Jeremy Cowart. Jeremy has announced a 3 week, 7 stop tour that INCLUDES a copy of his L I F E F I N D E R DVD and a ticket for a friend that needs it most. All this for $179 ... are you hearing this? The workshop is 8 hours long and you get a copy of his DVD too, insane! I just bought my ticket for December 5th in NYC, so all my NYC photog friends out there better start washing my car and buying me lunch, cuz I have a free ticket to give away ;) Check out the full details and buy your ticket at the tour's website.
Sick Trailer for the New GoPro HD Hero2

So I am going through some of the slow-mo HD camera options that are on the market right now for an adventure I will be taking soon, and I stumbled upon the new GoPro HD Hero2. On their site they have one of the illest trailers I have ever seen for a camera, and I had to watch it several times. This isn't an ad for the camera and I am not saying that this is the one I will buy, but man what else compares? With that said, watch this trailer, it really is rad to see what kind of punch that tiny package can deliver! (that's what she said)
Shooting the "Deadliest" Crew

This striking image (pun intended) was shot by Blair Bunting for a Deadliest Catch ad for Discovery Channel. Curious to know how he did it? Well, luckily for us, his assistant Paul Morton filmed the whole thing, and Mike Maez was kind enough to edit it down into a digestible and inspiring video. Do not worry, it did not take any knocked out teeth or injured sailors to get the job done, but rather a couple of Pro-7a units and 3 high powered leaf blowers. Have a look and see for yourself!

via the ProFoto Blog
Fstoppers Street Photography Contest, Win A Lowepro Fastpack

What's up ephers? the Fstoppers Flickr contest for September, 2011 is now live HERE. This month's prize is a Lowepro Fastpack 250 backpack. This is my bag of choice, I use it almost daily. It fits my Nikon D3s with the Nikon 70-200 VRII in the main bottom compartment, my SB-900 with it's battery pack and Nikon 24-70 up in the top compartment. Plus, I store my 13" MacBook Pro in the laptop compartment (although it'll fit up to a 17" laptop). This bag is so versatile and I LOVE it. It fits a bunch more gear than what I've mentioned here, but enough talk about the bag ... GO HERE and WIN IT! This month's theme is B&W Street Photography