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Coppertone Commercial Shot Almost Exclusively With DSLR's

Besides getting a great glimpse into the filming of a well put together sunscreen commercial, Gary Lankford offers some great perspective on the usefulness of DSLR's as opposed to using some of the bigger and more expensive rigs that might be out there. The versatility of having several cameras and being able to take them anywhere can outweigh some of the higher quality option cameras. Check out the final commercial below.

UPDATED: Filming a BMW Bike in 3D at 1000 fps

Ryan Mcmanus from Brothers Films and Stefan Weiss from Weisscam teamed up for an ingenious and complex shoot showing off the new BMW S1000 RR. What impressed me about this shoot was not only the incorporation of 1000 fps with a three dimensional element, but also the creativity in setting up the rig to film. I cant imagine the amount of work that had to go into post production for something like this. This is a great example of thorough planning and great execution.

[Video] The Making of Inspiring Documentaries

Ken Burns is somewhat of a a legend when it comes to stories and film making. His documentaries cover some fantastic issues within the U.S. and have a fine tension throughout the film which keeps his audience captivated. In this short interview by Redglass Pictures, Ken shares what he feels the key elements of a captivating story are. How do you think his idea of that "extra element" applies to what you shoot or edit?

[Pics] Breathtaking Fairy Tale Scenes by Kirsty Mitchell

Tragedy struck Kirsty Mitchell four years ago when her mother passed away from a brain tumor. As a way of processing through the grief, Kirsty decided to pick up a camera and get lost in the world of photography. With an incredible imagination and extreme patience, Kirsty created some unbelievable fairy tale images to honor her mother by recreating the stories she was told as a child.

[News] Canon Factory will Replace Human Work with Robots

Canon has just released the news that their factories will soon transition out some of the human element of their camera production lines and replace them with robots. Due to the rising price of the Yen, many companies in Japan have had to leave the country. Canon has stated that by creating a fully automated system it will cut costs while allowing their technologies and factories to remain in Japan.

[BTS] Photographing the Teaser Poster for Indie Film "Dark Harvest"

Although the creation of the upcoming horror flick "Dark Harvest" has less production value than what you would get from Hollywood, it might relate to the average photographer a little better for that reason. In their behind the scenes, Tim Tabke and Joel Hinojosa team up to show us a glimpse of what it took to kick off the new indie film with a teaser poster. The mood they capture is as much about interacting with the actors as it is the lighting and drama of the shot. I find their work encouraging as it shows you dont need a hollywood budget to be able to produce a quality piece of work...

[BTSV] Projection Mapping for Ford's S-Max TV Commercial

Every now and then a unique way of filming the same old car commercial catches my eye. Event Projection uses projection mapping to advertise the S-Max put out by Ford. Although the filming involves a little more than the average studio equipment, the crew is able to incorporate some great action shots without leaving their studio. Check out their behind the scenes above plus the final commercial below.

[Video] Timelapse with Real Time

At first I thought this was just another time lapse video with a few skating shots mixed in. Then I realized the shots really were mixed. Although the combination isn't present in every shot it's a pretty cool effect to watch. Anyone want to guess how he did it?

If you want to take a peek at a little more of Russell Houghten's work, check out is blog

[Review] SpectraCal CalPC and a C1 colorimeter for your monitor's health

If you have ever been involved in imaging, you know that the final product is a direct result of what is seen when you process. If what appears on a monitor is misrepresented, the final product will be skewed as well. I think we can all agree the factory settings that monitors come with don't always give you the results hope for. This is because a monitor's display is affected by the brightness and color temperature of the room it's in. That's why it's so important for anyone involved in photography or video to keep their monitors correctly calibrated.