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Holiday Sale on Fstoppers Original Tutorials

Fstoppers is happy to announce one final sale for 2016. Enjoy the holidays and dive into some fantastic photography education by getting $50-$100 off our original tutorials. If you've received some extra gift money for photography or want to share valuable knowledge with a loved one, act from now until New Years day to save on Fstoppers products. Check out the full list of deals below.

Save Up to 50% Off SLR Lounge Tutorials During the Holidays

SLR Lounge is well known for their excellent photography tutorials. This Holiday season they're offering deals up to 50% off on their products. Whether you're looking for a better wedding photography workflow, want to learn a few new lighting tricks, or simply want to make yourself a better photographer, this is a great opportunity to grow in the field. Make sure to act between now and New Years to take advantage of these great deals!

Atlas With the Sun - The Most Complicated Photo I've Ever Shot

About a year and a half ago, I was walking on a local beach and realized that for a few weeks of the year, the sun would set in a perfect line of sight down the beach. I thought it might be a fun photographic challenge to create a super telephoto picture with a body builder "holding" the sun in an Atlas style pose. In my mind, the entire scene would be lit rather than have a typical sun silhouette image. Little did I realize how much work I was getting myself into.

Win a $6,495 Italy Photo Adventure in This Free Photo Contest!

Our friends at ViewBug teamed up with Discovery Photo Tours to offer an unforgettable Italy photo adventure to one lucky photographer. Submit your image to the completely free “Around the World” photo contest and you could win a seat on Discovery Photo Tours' Spring 2017 Italy Photo Tour! This all-inclusive, eight-day tour will be an incredible journey through the heart of Italy. Start in Rome and wind through the Tuscan countryside, into Florence, and end in Cinque Terre.

Canon Camera and Lens Deals for the Holidays

There are still a few weeks before the Holidays and plenty of time to order that camera and lens before the gift giving starts. Whether you're considering buying a camera for yourself or a loved one, now is the perfect time to check out some of the deals on Canon products which can instantly save you up to $400. Check out the great deals on the Canon Rebel T6i, a fantastic starter camera for anyone interested in photography or who is starting to shoot video, and browse through some other great canon products and kit options.

Assets On Demand: Introducing Requests From Motion Array

Motion Array has been hard at work adding new features recently. For example, they recently came out with a video portfolio site builder. With this feature, any paid subscriber can create a custom site to show their video work, complete with text, images, and contact information (all editable). Users can even use their own custom domain or have one supplied by Motion Array. But now, Motion Array is at it again with Requests. Essentially, any paid member of the Motion Array community can put in a request for any type of creative asset that Motion Array offers.

Photography 101 Tutorial by Fstoppers Is Now Available in the Store

Fstoppers is bringing it back to the basics with our latest project, Photography 101: How to Use Your Digital Camera and Edit Photos in Photoshop. If you're just getting started in your photography career or simply want to learn how to take better pictures, this tutorial will teach you the fundamentals that bridge the gap into any genre of photography. This tutorial also offers ground up training in how to successfully use Photoshop to improve your images dramatically.

The Art of Nude Photography Tutorial Now Available in the Fstoppers Store

Andreas H. Bitesnich is one of the world's most renowned fine art nude photographers, with work published and exhibited internationally for the last 25 years. His images carry a signature style and a simple aesthetic that combines beauty and form. Recently, Bitesnich created a photography tutorial that delves into how he achieves his incredible looks. That wealth of knowledge is now available to the Fstoppers community.

Mike Kelley and Skypixel's New Aerial Photography Contest

It's always fun to track how various Fstoppers writers grow in their career and undertake new challenges. Mike Kelley has been one of my favorites to watch with the success of his first and second architectural photography tutorials, as well as his expanding aerial photography work. He successfully created and promoted a book featuring his aerial work of Los Angeles. Now, Mike is helping to judge a new aerial photography contest being put on by SkyPixel. If you'd like to participate, check out the details below.

The Venture TTL 600 Strobe Competes With the Profoto B1 at Half the Cost

For anyone who appreciates the use of flash, there comes a point in photography work when you want more power than a standard speedlite can offer. Many strobe options provide more power, but require you to be tied up to power outlets. Few strobes offer a simple portable lighting option. Many would contend the Profoto B1 is currently the best self contained portable strobe on the market. That may be changing with Impact's newly released strobe, the Venture TTL 600.

Why Purchasing a Neutral Density Filter Holder Set is Your Better Option

Earlier this year, Patrick Hall did a thorough comparison of a variety of neutral density filter brands. The test included findings on color cast, vignetting, exposure, and sharpness. The goal was to find the best and most cost efficient neutral density filter available. In an effort to dig a little deeper into the question which filter is best for your gear set, I decided to add on a test of a similar product that photographers may prefer, filter holder sets.

Photos Raise Awareness on World Homeless Day

Homelessness is something most of us encounter on a daily or weekly basis, but few of us have ever had to personally experience the hardship of being homeless. Many of us probably probably don't realize that today, October 10th, is World Homeless Day; a day started in 2010 which is observed by every major continent and dozens of countries. Its goal is to draw attention to homeless people’s needs locally, and provide opportunities for the community to get involved in responding to homelessness.

Fstoppers Is Asking for Your Help

Fstoppers has worked hard to bring you valuable educational content from incredible photographers like Peter Hurley, Mike Kelley, Dylan Patrick, Elia Locardi, and Joey Wright. Now we're asking for your help! We at Fstoppers are preparing to create our next premium photography tutorial which will probably cost around $300. We would like to know from the Fstoppers community which genres we should focus on and who it should be with. Would you take a quick one minute survey to help us out?

Win up to $100,000 in Cash and Prizes With the Filmsupply Challenge [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] The winners have been announced! Check out the winners page to see some incredible video editing.

Filmsupply and Musicbed have partnered up to bring you a film competition that could change your life. Without having to shoot one frame of footage, you could win up to $100,000 in cash, prizes, and incredible experiences. Although you're not restricted to only using their content, this competition allows you to tap into the huge libraries of both Musicbed and Filmsupply to create and submit your 60-second film. Check out the submission guidelines below.

The Life of a Full-Time Entertainment and Tour Photographer

As an entertainment and tour photographer, Susannah Brittany primarily shoot stills and video shots for some of the world’s top pop and country music artists. This basically involves shooting all day long: while they are doing media interviews or meet and greets, of/during travel on the bus, behind the scenes content of the artists getting ready or in-between shows, and then of course, while they are performing. Her work ends up being used used for new media distribution, including YouTube, social media, and sizzle reels.