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Detailed BTS Video of Powder Shoot

Inspired by Thomas David Photography's shoot earlier this year, CEB Imagery decided to put together a "Dance Powder" photo shoot and filmed a detailed behind the scenes video to "pay it forward." The video is well done as he explains the setup, process, tips, what he learned and even shows his first few photos which he humorously captioned, "WTF YO? That sucked."

Beautiful Fashion Series by Joanna Kustra

While perusing the internet this morning I came upon the recent fashion shoot of Joanna Kustra and caught myself staring for minutes marveling at the gorgeous shots and beautiful lighting. The shoot titled, Misty Dream, was a beauty editorial assignment for Factice Magazine. From watching the behind the scenes video I gather she is shooting with a Nikon 85mm 1.4 lens using Calumet lighting and shooting through a 48" Octobox.

The Photography Community Lost a Special Person Today

Photographers woke up this morning to hear that Jen Burgess Thompson passed away peacefully this morning. Jen was courageous enough to share her battle with the community over the last year as we all grew to love her. Jessica Person said it best this morning, "...the photography world watched a courageous photographer, woman and mother battle cancer. She was victorious. She didn't lose her battle with cancer this morning, she sailed into victory."

Facebook Changes Trouble Business Page Owners

Recently Facebook made some changes to it’s Edgerank algorithm and in so doing, without warning might have just killed your reach on your posts by 50% or more. I witnessed the change when on October 4th I posted an album from a shoot and expected the current expected reach of 3000-4000 views but after 24 hours the album had only 86 total views. I was quite concerned by the news and thought at first it must have been a glitch before actually discovering Facebook had changed things up yet again and business page owners are in an uproar about it. I'll share my experience below, some interesting finds and what I am doing about it to continue reaching my fans.

BTS Video of Incredible Maternity Shoot by Simeon Quarrie

Here at Fstoppers we have featured the fascinating talent of Simeon Quarrie before as he takes what could be an ordinary shoot and turns it into the extraordinary. Back in July we featured his behind the scenes video of a pre-wedding shoot staged in the rain and in May we shared with you how he goes above and beyond to put together a finished video product the same day that the clients can watch during the wedding reception. Today, I was fascinated yet again while watching the behind the scenes video of Simeon on a maternity shoot.

Amazing Free Textures for Instagram'ers

For those of you out there who love creating art with your cell phone and using Instagram to share it - I got a great freebie for you! A few weeks back I wrote a feature article highlighting the work of photographer/digital artist Merek Davis. The guy is insanely talented and in addition to creating art on his camera and computer he has also been stunning Instagram users all over the world with the art he has been creating on his phone. As a big thank you to all of those that support him there he has put together a couple packs of free textures (Mextures) to share with everyone.

This Belongs On Your Bucket List of Things to Photograph

Every so often you come across a photo, stare and then boldly exclaim, "I will photograph that someday!" For instance my photography bucket list has on it shooting the Holi Festival in India, Pingxi Lanterns in Taiwan, La Tomatina in Spain and just recently I added light painting with the spectacular Bioluminescent plankton that emit a bright glowing blue color in the ocean water.

World's Most Powerful Digital Camera

After eight years of planning and building by scientists, engineers, and technicians - the world's most powerful digital camera, 570-megapixel camera has been used to capture it's first images. The "Dark Energy Camera" was developed to bring about a new era of scientific exploration in our solar systems by allowing scientists to now see a 100,000 galaxies up to 8 billion light years away.

Big Firmware Update For Fujifilm X-Pro1 Coming

Since its launch in early 2012, Fujifilm has received customer feedback regarding the X-Pro1's performance. Fujifilm has listened carefully to these comments. By installing the new firmware, consumers will see a significant improvement in Auto Focus speed, manual focus and processing/writing speeds. Read on to learn about the updates included and link where to find it when it comes available on September 18, 2012.