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BTS Shoot - Inflatable Cat Unicorn Horn

Here at Fstoppers we love sharing behind the scenes photo shoots with our readers so we can all learn and grow together. Every so often we come across one that while it could have been executed better is still worth sharing. Such is the case with the recent commercial shoot for the McPhee Inflatable Unicorn Horn for cats. I can gather from the video that it is best to shoot unicorn'ed cats against a white seamless, using Pocket Wizards to fire your lights and a number of cat petting assistants. Big props go out to the audio mixer on the video as well. Enjoy!

Using Drones Without FAA Approval for Photos or Video is Illegal

In the last 12 months I have seen a number of new unmanned aerial vehicles (also known as drones) entering the market with the ability to capture video or photos. It has been something that I have been quite interested in and have intently researched buying one. However my latest findings have convinced me to wait a few more years before I make a purchase as now I realize they are illegal and the FAA can issue large fines and even shut you down if you are caught operating one for your business. Read on to learn more.

Powerful Story Telling with Photography and Video

Sue Bryce, Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year, teamed up with the extremely talented Hailey Bartholomew to tell the powerful story of one girl's love story and her battle with breast cancer. It's a very moving story and definitely worth watching. I love seeing the way creatives are using their talents to bless the lives of others and share stories that the world needs to hear about. This story of Jill Brzezinski-Conley...

Give Your Social Media a Good Ass Kicking

Websites such as Twitter and Facebook can be extremely powerful tools for our businesses however most of us are using them all wrong. Over the years we have continued to pile on layer after layer of distractions that in the end leave us feeling guilty of even trying to use social media. We walk away feeling like we wasted our time. It's time to regain control of these tools and use them for good to connect, be inspired and market ourselves. Read on to learn some valuable tips that have been real game changers for me.

Favorite Android Apps For My Photography Business

When smart phones first started gaining in popularity I was one of those who insisted I didn't need one. I was quite satisfied with my flip phone and the ability I had to send a text message every once in awhile even if it took three presses of the number 7 to get the letter "S." When I finally made the leap to the smart phone a couple years ago I realized it was probably the single most valuable tool in my life for productivity, business, learning and entertainment. I wanted to share with our readers the 48 android apps I use most often and hear about your favorites in the comments below.

Colgate's Clever Advertising Campaign

Last summer Colgate teamed up with Y&R Brazil to create some clever advertisements for their line of dental floss. Brazilian photographer Bruno Cals took the pics but what really stands out is the creative direction the campaign took which was led by Rui Branquinho and Flavio Casarotti. Read on to see how they cleverly make you realize just how important dental floss is when it comes to personal hygiene.

Is Anyone Still Using Instagram?

After the brutal beat down that Instagram received when it changed it's Terms of Service, some questioned if the company would be able to survive the deep decline of users that were jumping ship. A few weeks later and Instagram is finally responding to some of these accusations releasing their user numbers and surprisingly they are actually witnessing growth rather than decline. The company released numbers that shows at last count over 90 million users are actively using the service posting over 40 million photos a day. Acquires Portfolio Site Zenfolio

Since 2006, Zenfolio has been a provider of online photography presentation and sales solutions for professional photographers and enthusiasts. Through its subscription-based service, photographers have access to tools necessary to create their own websites and sell print products to clients. It was just announced that has now acquired Zenfolio. CEO Geoffroy Martin said the acquisition is an effort to capture "an even larger portion of our customers 'wall share'."

Prepare Your Business For Facebook's New Search

At a press conference a few days ago Facebook announced their new Graph Search which will provide a brand new search experience for it's over one billion users when it eventually rolls out to everyone. As business owners it is in our best interest to learn about how the tool works, how we can optimize our own pages to show up in the results and how we can even use it to mine new business in the future.

New 5D Mark III Box Arrives Full of Laminate Flooring, No Camera

Most of us would agree that it is quite exciting when the UPS Truck pulls up with some new gear that we purchased especially when it's a new camera body or lens. Like kids on Christmas morning we can't wait to unbox the new toy and put it to test. Sadly one photographer opened the box not to find a new camera body but floor laminate. Read on to learn about his experience, see photos and find out which nationally known dealer did this not just once, but twice to him.

Photographing Beautiful People

As photographers we love to photograph beautiful people. We get excited when hired to shoot models with perfect dimensions, gorgeous lines and stunning eyes. While those shoots get the heart racing the ones that really fill my heart are the ones when I see photographers reach out and photograph those that wouldn't otherwise find themselves in front of a professional's camera. One such shoot was from Nathaniel Taylor who each year donates his time and resources to photograph and give prints to disabled adults.

Build Your Own White Balance Kit For Free

While I will admit that buying a kit of white balance cards is extremely affordable (around $10) - nothing beats free. The guys over at Knick-Knack wrote up an article recently sharing their experience on how they built a dependable kit for themselves that did not cost them a penny. Read on to learn how they did it.

Photo of Baby Grabbing Doctor's Finger During C-Section Goes Viral

An Arizona doctor was surprised while performing a routine C-section when the baby reached up and grabbed his finger. The moment was captured by the baby's father Randy and the couple originally kept the photo secret thinking it would not be received well by others. The mom, Alicia who happens to be a photographer in Glendale, Arizona decided to release the photo on December 26th on her Facebook page. Since then the image has received 9,000 likes, over 5,000 shares and her number of fans on her page has grown tremendously.

BTS Video of Gwen Stefani Shoot for Vogue

At 43 years old, No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani poses for Annie Leibovitz for the January cover of Vogue magazine looking spectacular. A short behind the scenes video of the shoot was shared. While there is no instructional content in the 3 minute video it is interesting to get a behind the scenes peek into the shoot and see how the different sets are put together. While most of the shoot was of Gwen wearing some amazing threads, her band did make a cameo appearance in some of the shots.

A Couple Great Tips When Visiting Foreign Countries

This past week I was conversing with a taxi driver while in Jamaica. At one point I noticed a slum of houses and quickly shot a picture of it as we drove by. He responded abruptly, "Why are you shooting the ugly parts of our country. All of you media do the same. You should focus on the beautiful areas, not the ugly ones." He was absolutely right! I had fallen into a trap that so many of us tend to when traveling. This video from Devin Graham addresses this and other issues and gives some great tips on ways to get wonderful photos and video while traveling in foreign countries.

Father Photographs Children's Magical World Through Water Reflections

In 2004, a french sculptor Alan Laboile, picked up a small digital camera to photograph the art he created. What he didn't realize then was how that digital camera would become much more than just a tool to photograph his sculptures, but would in fact help him create a visual diary of his 6 children's youth. His recent collection titled Reflexion Autour du Bassin (Reflection Around The Basin) caught my attention as a wonderful documentation of the youthful free spirits of his children caught through the reflection in the water.

One Example Of Becoming a Successful Photographer Through Specialization

How many photographer websites do you visit that have an endless list of subjects they claim to photograph? Many photographers think it will help with their Search Engine Optimization, but what is really happening is that they are grouping themselves with all the hundreds of thousands of other photographers that also shoot ALL that stuff. The secret is to be different. To pick something and specialize in that one thing. One perfect example that I came across is talented Mike Allebach of Allebach Photography, also known as the "Tattooed Bride Photographer Guy."

Beautiful Story of a Photographer Making a Difference

This month I have been studying the book Aspire by Kevin Hall and in it was touched by the paragraph that reads, "The two most important days of our life are the day we were born and the day we discover what we were born to do. That's the day we catch the vision of who we are meant to be." Photographer Rocky Braat wanted more in life and found it on a trip to India. The new film, "Blood Brother" captures his inspiring story about the power of love, service and transformation.

An Email App To Be Excited About

How do you turn the mobile email inbox into a to-do list, but in a non-obtrusive way? Cloud to-do list company Orchestra today announced Mailbox, an email client for the iPhone it's been building for the last year which will launch soon — a beautifully designed messaging client meshed with a swipe-able productivity app. "Most everyone uses email on their phones, and most everyone hates it," Orchestra CEO Gentry Underwood says. "We feel like that's a big opportunity to make a small improvement in a lot of people's lives."