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Incredible Faux Slow-Motion Parallax

When I watched this video this morning from London-based film production company Make Productions my mind was blown, my jaw dropped and I just kept thinking about all the detailed work that went into creating such an amazing parallax sequence - all of which was executed perfectly. Take 90-seconds today and be sure to check this out then read on below to find out more details about how it was created.

Creative Personal Project - "In a New York Minute"

I believe that if a photographer wants to grow in their craft one of the best exercises they can do is pick a particular subject and focus on all the different ways to shoot it. While out in North Carolina I met Stephen Wilfong, a photographer there that over the course of 7 years pushed his creative boundaries to shoot every clock he could find in New York City.

Captivating Self Portrait Project

Back in 2006 we were all introduced to the Noah Kalina, the man who took a photo of himself every day for 6 years, posted to YouTube and it became a viral sensation. We have all now seen different takes on the internet meme. But today a new "self photo" project emerged that caught the eye of Fstopper writers and we all chimed in with our own critiques.

New Pirelli 2013 Calendar Titillating in a Different Way

Since it's launch in 1964 the Pirelli calendar is one of the most desired items of the new year. Each year a celebrated photographer is hired to shoot the world's most beautiful bodies stripped naked in some of the world's most gorgeous locations. This year famed photographer Steve McCurry earned the honor of the shoot, Rio the exotic location, but as put it "the only kind of melons you can expect are the fruit ones." Read on to learn about their big change, see some of the images and watch a detailed behind the scenes video.

Funny New Commercial From Canon - "Inspired"

Gearing up for the holiday season Canon released a funny new commercial advertising their T4i camera. I really enjoy how companies these days are focusing on videos that gain viewers through creativity and humor rather than pop down millions on a celebrity or buying a prime television commercial ad. I believe all of us can relate with this video and insert ourselves into many of the clips. Take a minute and enjoy their latest commercial just released; then be the first to share it with your friends.

Picture Perfect Fashion Shoot in China

Each of us have particular photographers who we follow and are absolutely mind blown each time they post work. Matthieu Belin is one of those photographers on my list. His work has been published in Vogue, GQ, Elle, Surface, Life and Bazaar as well as many other well known publications and advertising campaigns. This latest shoot done in Anhui Village, China is just one more example of the incredible work Belin continues to create.

BTS Video of Day to Night Photography

Many of us have already seen the amazing photographic series by Stephen Wilkes titled "Day to Night" - in fact we even featured some of his photos here in a post on Fstoppers back last August. The CBS Morning show caught up with Wilkes and did a behind the scenes video with him demonstrating his technique, thought process and how he goes about combining the images. The video, while produced for a general audience, is still a great watch for photographers to be inspired.

Instagram's New Profile Pages Worth Checking Out

This week Instagram rolled out new web based profile pages for it's users making it easy to view a history of their photos, likes and comments. To access your new profile page just open any web browser on your computer and type,*username*. What do you think of the new profiles? Let us know in the comments. Read on to see screen shots and links to some of my favorite Instagram users.

World War II Photos Superimposed On Same Modern Street

Dutch historian, Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse, blends the past and present using photos from World War II and pictures from the same places today. Jo will literally spend hours trying to locate scenes of photos from the war and then photograph the modern day scene at the same angles so that she can blend the two pictures in Photoshop thereby creating her "Ghosts of History" photo series.

Portraits of Strangers on the Street

Taking nice portraits in a studio setting requires a great skill set and understanding of how to set up lights. Doing the same thing, but on the street with complete strangers takes the skill one step further. Benoit Paillé, Quebec based photographer, recently released images from his latest project titled, "Stranger Project" in which he breaks the norm of "not speaking or disturbing" strangers in order to create stunning portraits on the street.

Facebook Offering Another Option For Fans To See Your Posts

According to Facebook is rolling out a new feature soon for users to opt-in to receive a notification each time a page they follow posts something new. This seems to be Facebook's solution to all the business page owners frustrated by their posts not showing up in their fans news feeds because of the Facebook algorithm. Read on to learn more about it and let us know in the comments what you think.

GoPro HERO3 Launches at Midnight With Impressive Specs


It's official, the GoPro HERO3 is now out for sale and she looks powerful. CEO Nick Woodman announced the new HERO3 as the smallest, lightest, most powerful way to document your life. If that is not enough it is also Wi-Fi enabled and can capture 4k video (4,000 pixels) at 12 frames per second and 1080p HD video at 60 frames per second. (Picking jaw off the floor!) Read on to hear more about this radical new camera.