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How to Use Focus Stacking for Sharper Photos

When you need a photo with deep depth of field that is sharp across the entire frame, it might not be possible to do so in just one shot. Focus stacking is a technique that allows you to get sharper images with deeper depth of field. It is a relatively easy and straightforward technique, and this fantastic video tutorial will show you everything you need to know to use it for your own work.

A Simple Trick To Improve Your Final Image

There is a wealth of information for every step of the photographic process, but one area that drastically improved my work some years ago is also one of the areas discussed the least.

A Behind the Scenes Look at a Professional's Editing Setup

In this video I walk through my office desk set up at my studio and go through in detail what I use, and why I use it. Considering I spend more time here than anywhere else, I thought it wise to spend a bit more time and money on it.

10 Tricks To Save You Money When Buying Camera Gear

Everyone loves a good deal and as every photographer will tell you, buying camera gear is a great way to spend a lot of money. This useful video gives you 10 way so save some serious cash when investing in new equipment.

Is It Better to Bracket Your Photos or Use a Graduated ND Filter?

Landscape images frequently demand extreme dynamic range, often beyond the capabilities of even the most modern sensors. There are a few ways around this issue, with exposure bracketing and graduated ND filters being two of the most common solutions, and this great video tutorial discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each.

7 Common Food Photography Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Food photography is a tricky genre that requires a strong sense of composition, great lighting techniques, and a large working knowledge of various tricks of the trade. If you are struggling with your food photography, this excellent video tutorial will show you seven common mistakes and how to avoid or fix them.

The Complete Guide to Color Management: Color Made Easy

Color management can be one of the most boring topics to learn as a photographer, right up there with topics like digital asset management and accounting. They all have one thing in common, however: they’re important parts of being a photographer. Learning how to manage color doesn’t have to be difficult, however. Consider this your crash course introduction in learning how.

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