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 Ian Ruhter's American Dream

From the guy who brought you silver and light, Ian Ruhter brings you American Dream. Not only are the unique images he creates breath taking, but the stories behind them are incredibly inspirational. I believe this is one of the truest forms of photography, from creating each one of a kind image by hand, and by looking at these portraits you feel as if you know the individual that's in the photograph. To Ian it is not about making money in photography, it is about the pursuit of happiness, and he goes about this through the camera he made and his journeys that make these images.

Justin Bettman's Dark Series

Take a look at these inspirational photographs from Justin Bettman's Dark series. I have been following Justin for awhile now and love the work he produces. What i really admire about his images are the stories they tell. It seems a lot of photographers go for similar styles and the photography starts to blend together and become homogeneous, Justin definitely breaks that mold. I was able to talk to Justin about about his Dark series and what all goes into producing some of these astounding photos.

Hyperlapse Of China

Check out this awesome hyperlapse shot in the colorful cities of China. I really enjoy how he starts off with short clips to give you a feel of the environment in real time, then moves from day to night. I don't think I'll ever get tired of watching timelapses. Go to Zweizwei's vimeo to watch more of his work.

Color Blind Landscape Photographer

Check out these stunning landscapes shot by a color blind photographer. Kilian Schönberger is a 28 year old photographer from Germany who can't distinguish green and red, leaving him color blind. It appears that most of these were shot in Iceland. I can't imagine some of the hiking and backbacking that has to be done to achieve some of these shots, but they are well worth it. Kilian shoots with a 5D Mark II and uses a 24mm TSE II lens.

Beautiful B&W's Created With 16 Stops of ND Filters

When I first started to get into photography i came across Joel Tjintjelaar's work. It was because of him I bought a 10 stop ND filter. Joel creates these masterpieces by using B+W ND110 & ND106 filters, and in most of his new work he is stacking the two filters to achieve 16 stops. By doing this most of his exposures are 5 to 10 minutes long. Joel uses a Canon 7D, a variety of lenses, and Lightroom 3.0, PS CS5, Silver Efex Pro 2 for post process.

Photographing Death: Tragedies Turned Into Art

As I started to get into photography I've always been curious about the many different fields and who would want to shoot them. Sara Sudhoff has an interesting outlook on death and how we are affected by it, so she decided to exploit that interest through photography. Filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley follow photographer Sara Sudhoff as she works on her series titled At the Hour of Our Death. In the series Sudhoff creates large-scale color photographs of stained fabrics from trauma scenes and discusses the invisibility of death in our culture.

Portrait: A Documentary Insatgram vs Professional

Andy Newman created this intriguing documentary that explores the question "In the age of Instagram, what sets a professional photographer apart. In this film, photographer Andria Lindquist and web designer/ professional instagramer Cory Staudacher talk about their outlook on photography and how it has impacted their life. Two points I couldn't agree more on is how Cory talks about how important sharing your work and building a community is, and Andria talks about following your heart and continue to do what makes you truly happy.

Night Photography: Finding The Extraordinary In The Ordinary

Scott Martin and Lance Keimig are not just your ordinary landscape photographers, they use light painting to make artistic landscape photographs. By leaving the shutter open and using a flash light they are able to get some really unique shots. They talk about everything that goes into making these photographs and how these shots are one of a kind. It also appears they are using gels on the flashlights to get some different colors throughout the shot. Scott and Martin also run workshops in Texas to teach their process.

Never Before Seen Photos Of Hiroshima

They say one mans trash is another mans treasure, that is true for the man that was walking his dog, saw a briefcase in a pile of trash, opened it up and discovered these rare photographs. "After the United States detonated an atomic bomb at Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, the U.S. government restricted the circulation of images of the bomb's deadly effect. President Truman dispatched some 1,150 military personnel and civilians, including photographers, to record the destruction as part of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey.

Jerry And Maggie: This Is Not Photography

If you don't know Jerry Uelsmann or Maggie Taylor you should. Jerry creates works of art blending multiple photos together using enlargers while Maggie uses a scanner to create her art. All of jerry's work is shot on film and processed and manipulated in the darkroom which truly makes his work so unique. Being husband and wife these two are some of the biggest names in the modern art world. This documentary tells Jerry and Maggie's story of how they became artists and the impact of their work in photography.

Life Time Fitness Behind The Scenes

Go behind the scenes with Matt Hawthorne in his photo shoot with Lifetime Fitness. I wish the video was a little more informative but throughout the video you can check out some of the lighting setups. I found it pretty interesting that in a couple shots he uses mirrors and bare profotos. With work this high quality you can see that there is a lot of effort that goes into it, with big production teams and trucks full of equipment. Matt is...

Last Day Dream, A Man's Life Flashes Before His Eyes

Check out Chris milk's interpretation of what a man's life flashes before his eyes looks like in Last Day Dream. Filmed in a 1st person POV, this intriguing video did a wonderful job of high lighting someones life and showing it in under a minute. I've always been fascinated by POV videos and this video has a such a awesome story line. This video shows that you don't always need a expensive equipment to create such a inspiring and unique video, but that creativity can go a long way. Chris filmed all of this with a...

This Hyper-lapse is a must see

Check out this seriously impressive hyper-lapse video from Berlin. It had seemed that timelapse videos hit kind of a flat point for a while until the world was introduced to "Hyper-lapse." He shot this with a Nikon D7000 and then spent 4 months in post to stabilize the sequences manually frame by frame (AE motion tracker) to get the smooth motion. This inspiring video will leave you in awe.

Slow motion taking over action sports

With action sport videos continuing to get more and more impressive, it's no wonder why the filming is moving away from the photojournalistic approach to more of a cinematic feel. Videographers are having to keep up with the trending demands of todays standards, using high quality gear like the Sony FS-700 for slow motion, and a RC helicopters for great overhead shots, like the Copter Kids. These guys use the RC helicopter to get some really unique camera movements of freestyle motocross.