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Flickr Wants to be "Awesome Again"

The Verge recently interviewed Markus Spiering, Flickr's 'head of product.' Since Spiering has taken over in 2011, Flickr has received a visual face-lift and an updated iPhone app among other things. Flickr was starting to get lost amidst Instagram and Facebook, but with over eight billion photos from over 87 million users, it doesn't look like it's going anywhere soon.

Fstoppers Interview: Michael Donovan is Not Safe for Work

Warning: The following interview contains adult language, adult situations and nudity.

Michael Donovan rules. It says so on his website. It also says so on his Tumblr. It says so anywhere you’d find his name. And to be perfectly honest, believe the hype. Michael Donovan does rule. This is why I’m here, in a Lower East Side bar that never left 1982, having a drink and trying to hold a conversation while Asian fetish porn plays on TVs that I’m sure were taken from the dumpster behind a Motel 6.

Rare, Full-Color Photos from WWII

March 8th is International Women's Day, so we figured it was a good time to show some rare, color images from WWII...where women played an incredibly important role and came out in droves to support both the war effort and the economy. These were taken by Alfred T. Palmer, who was an Office of War Information (OWI) photographer for the United States from 1941 to 1943. It was during this time that he, along with other photographers working for the government, captured some 1,600 images.

Fstoppers Sits Down With Joey Lawrence

It’s six o’clock in the evening; Joey Lawrence and I are having what could only be described as the trendiest cups of coffee in all of Williamsburg at that very moment. To be fair, this part of Brooklyn takes its coffee (as well as its trendiness) very seriously. Outside, it’s not unlike being inside of a freezer during a power outage – it’s bitingly cold, wet and smells like something somewhere is spoiling. Luckily, we’re inside, sans rainwear, meeting over a table made from reclaimed wood while Edison bulbs on simple fixtures drip unassumingly from the ceiling.

iPhone App Turns Your Phone Into Camera Remote

Do you like to remotely trigger your camera? Do you also like iPhones? Enter Satechi's BT Smart Trigger. For $44.99, this little guy will happily trigger your camera's shutter via Bluetooth. It also works as an intervalometer, meaning you can time lapse with the greatest of between Angry Birds Star Wars. At the moment it only works for iPhones and Canon DSLRs, although they are planning to add compatibility with the Galaxy SIII and the Galaxy Note 2.

Apple is Making Your Photos Less Blurry

Old and nervous people, rejoice! Apple’s scientists are at it again, and this time, they’re busy making camera phone pictures less blurry! Apple has filed for a new U.S. patent about a method to “capture and store images continuously from a device’s camera before a user presses the shutter button," and then automatically select the best image.

This means, your device will take pictures before you press the shutter. That’s right folks… psychic phones. Then, based upon factors such as exposure time, image contrast, focus, dynamic range, etc., the opinionated phone selects the best image of the set.

Too Heavy-Handed on the Retouching?

Greek law enforcement officials are facing investigation after ‘allegedly’ airbrushing out a black eye and face lacerations that the police may or may not have given to a young man and his three other bank robber friends.

Greek government officials have admitted to some photo alterations, but they would really insist you believe that it was done only to make the robbers more noticeable in public. It has nothing to do with making them look like half a Japanese Anime character.

The Eye of Danny Roche

Some people speak softly and carry a big stick. Photographer, Danny Roche, is one of those people. His total body of work is not what one might call ‘stocked with images,’ but what it is “stocked with” is quality, a meticulous attention to detail and a penetrating sense of intimacy. There is an almost tangible quality to the connection he has with his subjects.

The Intimate Work of Jenny Woods (NSFW)

Sometimes a Journey song can wax poetic. “Small town girl…lonely world.” We’ve heard it before. But for whatever reason, it’s the song I can’t get out of my head while I’m sitting with Jenny Woods in a small, Persian restaurant in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Standing a towering five-foot-nothing and with a demeanor that couldn’t ruffle a sleeping kitten, Jenny, or Bunny Jenny, as she goes by, is a photographer from a very small town in Florida.

Amazing Surreal Work from Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison

Robert ParkeHarrison is a fine art/ surrealist photographer. His work is a collaboration with partner and wife, Shana. Robert showed up on the scene (in a big way) a little over a decade ago, with his book “The Architect’s Brother.” The book was named one of ‘the Ten Best Photography Books of the Year’ of 2000 by the New York Times, but it probably wouldn’t be an understatement to call it one of the ten best of the decade.