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Usman Dawood
Batley, West Yorkshire, GB

Articles written by Usman Dawood

Ten Gear Suggestions for Beginner Filmmakers

One of the most frequent types of questions I see on social media is about gear or gear recommendations. For the most part, photographers and videographers who are relatively new to the industry tend to ask about what gear they should or shouldn't buy. I think it's always better to ask than spend money on something that may end up being a waste.

Avoid These Mistakes Because They May Cost You

When I first started in the photography industry, I was fortunate enough to have a couple of mentors that guided me. Due to their mentorship, I was able to avoid some mistakes early on to help give me somewhat of a head start. Even still, I've had my fair share of "facepalm" moments, and some of the points discussed in this video feel uncomfortably familiar.

Samsung Galaxy A9: A Smartphone With Four Cameras

The way smartphone cameras have been developing over the last few years, it may not come as a surprise that we now have a phone with four cameras. Trying to stand out in the fierce competition between the manufacturers is tough, but Samsung thinks they might just be able to make enough of a statement with their latest announcement, the Samsung Galaxy A9.