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Is Future Proofing Obsolete? Apple Adopts New USB Port

From 3 megapixels to 10 megapixels to 50 megapixels, the world of photography has changed significantly over the last 10 years. With the changes in technology, we're always in battle to keep our work and data on the most current iteration. With the rumors of the next Apple MacBook Air, it seems that the USB port is under attack, making photographers everywhere questions how they can keep their work on the most recent format.

Waging War with VSCO - Why I Hate Simple Preset Systems

VSCO, Mastin Lab Presets, Florabella, and Pretty Presets. If you've looked for advice on retouching in the last few years, you've probably been recommended one of these preset and action systems at least once. They're designed to give you beautiful film simulation and color tones to make your images look great using a single click of the mouse - and I hate them all.

The Death of 'The Interview' and Its Meaning to Art

I love art for its freedom. I love art for its simplistic complexities. I love art for its infinite possibilities. I love art for its ability to make me feel happy, feel sad, laugh out loud like a crazy person, feel empathy and feel completely alone. Which is exactly why the reasoning behind the cancellation of the film ‘The Interview’ makes me feel outraged.

Latest 99U Book "Make Your Mark" Investigates Finding Success In Creative Businesses

It's not often that we feature book series here on Fstoppers, but I personally found that the three piece series by 99U was worth mentioning. In their latest book entitled "Make Your Mark - The Creative's Guide to Building a Business with Impact", author and editor Jocelyn K. Glei interviews successful creatives to find the secrets that helped separate them from the rest of the pack, making "Make Your Mark" a must have book for photographers looking to increase their business.

Amazon Announces Free Unlimited Photo Storage for Prime Members

Amazing Prime members are getting an extra little perk in their accounts today, free unlimited photo storage. In the service Amazon is calling Prime Photos, users of the Amazon Prime membership program are now able to store images in their original resolutions to Amazon Cloud Drive - available for any device, mobile or otherwise. Pairing this with their free 2 day shipping, Amazon Prime has become an absolute must for photographers everywhere.

Epson Announces the SureColor P600 - Now with the Blackest of Blacks

Announced this morning, preceding PhotoPlus Expo, is the brand new Epson SureColor P600. Kicking off the new SureColor P line, the P600 uses Epson's UltraChrome HD Ink to deliver high quality and affordable prints from your home. However, the biggest announcement from this 13" printer comes in it's black intensity, at black density with L values as low as 2 (~10 shades of black density).

OK Go's Latest Music Video Masterpiece Shows The Power of Drones in Video

OK Go has developed a name for themselves as making some of the most iconic and creative music videos over the last ten years. In their latest music video, released today, OK Go shows off a cleverly scripted video using motorized unicycles, umbrellas, and a single take video mounted on a drone. You need to watch this deliciously clever video with an equally catchy song to back it.

Becoming a High End Retoucher - An Exclusive Interview With Pratik Naik

If you're familiar with Fstoppers, you've certainly have heard of Pratik Naik before. As a contributor to Fstoppers for years now, Pratik has been able to share his own retouching secrets that help make him one of the biggest names in the retouching community. Following his recent trip to Seattle to host a Creative Live series - one of the most watched to date, I was able to meet up with him and talk about his upcoming projects and his path as a world class retoucher.

Tips To Becoming A Better Traveling Photographer

I'm always moving around, which can make doing work on the road an absolutely nightmare. Between travel for photography, workshops and the general need for some decompression, I find myself packing for travel much more often than I expect. After years of just shutting off while on the road, I've finally developed to ways to make traveling as a photographer easier.