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Panasonic CM1 Smartphone Boasts 1 Inch Sensor and Leica Lens

Perhaps some of the biggest news to come out of Photokina so far this year is the announcement of the Panasonic Lumix CM1 - an Android equipped smartphone with a powerful sensor and even more powerful lens. Showing off it's 1 inch sensor, the CM1 has taken the crown for the largest sensor found in a phone, a size typically found inside the Sony RX100 and Nikon's 1 series. However, the big talking point comes from Leica, with their f/2.8 monstrous lens mounted to the back.

Blackmagic Also Announces DaVinci Resolve 11.1 Update and Videohub Software

Along side the announcements of the PL mounted Cinema and Production Cameras, Blackmagic has also supplied some updates and new software for videographers everywhere, including an update to their DaVinci Resolve system - a multi track color correction system for videographers. Alongside the announcement of the update to DaVinci Resolve, is an all new software suite, entitled Blackmagic Videohub.

PowerPole Accessory Adds Much Needed Battery Life and Reach to the GoPro

Introducing PowerPole, a GoPro accessory with some pretty cool features. The PowerPole is designed to add extended reach for people using GoPro camera systems; a necessity when filming yourself skiing down a mountainside, or surfing through those ten foot waves. That's not all though, the PowerPole also has equipped itself with one much needed feature in the modern GoPro system - battery life.

Guide To Keeping Your Private Photos Private

If there is one thing we learned this weekend concerning Jennifer Lawrence and others, it’s that even the most seemingly safe photos are not safe at all. We happen to be amongst two eras. One where cameras are more frequent than ever, and one where privacy is disappearing rapidly. Here are some tips to keep those two things separate.

From Media Access To Average User - How My Opinion of Adobe Has Changed

Being a member of the media has a set number of luxuries. One of those being, working with Adobe and getting early access of products, and exclusive news. Thanks to Adobe, I used Creative Cloud for an entire year free by attending a media exclusive Adobe event back in the summer of 2013. However, since I've started paying for it a month ago, my frustrations have hit an all time high.

Should The Photography Industry Turn Its Back on Doug Gordon?

Doug Gordon is a prevailing photographer and educator in the photography community. Whether you recognize his name or not, you've probably seen him on stages for just about every photo expo in the last five years. Through his industry connections, Doug has found a lot of success in his career, but what many don't know, is that he has stirred up a lot of controversy through plagiarism and deceitfulness.

Lessons I Learned From My Time Spent With a PhaseOne

This past week I've been sleep deprived, socially inactive, and holding a camera in my hands for more than I ever have in my entire life. You see, this past week I've been working with PRO EDU to film my first tutorial series to go on sale at the Fstoppers store this summer. Though learning a lot about my own work and process, I think I learned the most when I used a rented PhaseOne IQ250 system for one of my shoots.

The Sunday Times Pays Tribute To The Power Of Photography

Released this past weekend, Britain's Sunday Times Magazine pays tribute to some of the most iconic and powerful photos from the last century in a short video they've entitled "Photojournalism." The simple two minute video creatively adds motion to the images, in an attempt to bring back the feelings and emotion the photographers were facing during the time these powerful images were captured.

B&H Photo Offering Big Savings on Nikon and Zeiss Gear

B&H Photo is having a huge sale on Nikon gear, with up to $480 in savings per lens when bundled with a camera body. If you're looking to upgrade your Nikon camera gear, now might just be the time to do it. B&H Photo is also offering huge discounts on the Zeiss Touit Lenses for the Fujifilm and Sony mirrorless mounts when bundled together. The Zeiss 32mm Touit in particular was reviewed quite highly by Fstoppers last year.