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Tips For Dealing With Stress As A Photographer

Stress is a killer. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. Study after study after study all concludes that stress can lead to a whole slew of nasty consequences. It would then stand to reason that it is in our absolute best interest to reduce it as much as possible. Anyone who has chosen to make their living as a photographer, however, will tell you that this is harder than it appears.

TapTag Is A New Scavenger Hunt App For The Adventurous Photographer

A sense of adventure has always been a common trait among photographers especially those who photograph landscapes. This sense of adventure often takes us to some interesting and remote locations. Well now there is an app that allows you turn those remote destinations into a scavenger hunt for other adventurous souls to find. TapTag allows you to leave a photo "postcard" of the location you visit for others to find.

Hilarious but Accurate Video Offers Tips on How to Take Better Concert Photos, Selfies, and Snapchats

We live in a world of shared experience. It is no longer enough to simply enjoy a moment; it must be documented so that others know you were there and that in fact you did have a good time. This is more so popular with the younger crowd and as a result concerts have become one of the most popular venues to find the selfie and the Snapchat. Filmmaker Woody Roseland has put together a hilarious video to help you achieve a clean, simple, and effective result. That is of course if you'll even bother.

5 Tips From Lindsay Adler To Help Your Subject Relax

Getting human subjects to feel comfortable and to emote in front of the camera is always a challenge. We deal with a variety of personalties which can prove hard to manage when you have all the other things such as lighting, camera settings, and composition to think about. Lindsay Adler has put together a list of 5 crucial steps to help get your subject relaxed from her years of experience.

Project Harpoon Edits Images of Plus-Size People to Promote Thin Body Types

There is a movement by the name Project Harpoon, or more recently Operation Harpoon, with the sole purpose of finding images of plus-size celebrities, models, and regular folks, then editing the image to make the people from the original image a skinnier version of themselves. The images are generally accompanied by some rather crude comments to the effect of "Isn't that better?" The creators of this movement claim they are doing this to "help misguided women."

Ringo Starr Discusses New Photo Book With Conan O'Brien

Ringo Starr, of The Beatles fame, had a recent interview with Conan O'Brien where he took a few minutes to talk about his photo book titled "Photograph". The book features never before seen images from his childhood as well as his time with the Beatles. Many of the images contained in the book are taken by Ringo Starr himself which offers an intimate and inside look into Beatles Mania and the boys that made history.

Fstoppers Reviews the NISI 150mm Filter System

Ultra wide-angle lenses are a staple for landscape photographers but most cannot accept a regular threaded filter due to their protruding front glass elements. As such, photographers need to use a filter box which clamps to the outside of the lens and holds a large glass filter in place. Thus far lenses like the well received Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 have not had many options. That is until I got my hands on this new filter system from NISI.

Slanted Lens Explains How To Properly Freeze Action Using Strobes

Jay P. Morgan of the Slanted Lens has recently created an image for Dynalite that is being used in their advertising. The concept for the image was to showcase a lot of motion, and the Dynalite Baja's motion stopping power. As part of the project Jay has created a behind the scenes instructional video that explains what it takes to properly freeze motion and action when working with studio lighting.

Samsung Testing Prototype Truck With Live View Camera

Samsung is currently testing a prototype truck in Argentina fitted with a camera on the cabin and a live view display in the rear. The purpose of this is to help drivers safely pass trucks; a task which often proves difficult and has resulted in many accidents. This is quite an ingenious and innovative way to solve an every day problem and to help save lives.