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Ultra-Premium Zeiss Otus 85mm f/1.4 Announced

The rumored Zeiss Otus 85mm f/1.4 is now a reality with its official announcement today. This uncompromising premium lens, available for both Canon and Nikon mounts, is the second offering in the Otus line-up following the well-received Zeiss 55mm. Carrying the price tag of $4,490, the Otus 85mm is a nod to professional photographers who require impeccable image quality and lens construction.

California In Four Minutes: Explore America's Finest Natural Wonders and Urban Landscapes

The state of California is simply unmatched when it comes to beautiful, picturesque imagery in the United States. As the birthplace and home of timelapse photographer Hal Bergman, it was his goal to compile as much of the visual wonders California has to offer in to a tight four-minutes time. His newest video, aptly titled “California,” combines four years of filming in to a marvelous treat for the eyes that any citizen of the world can appreciate. Beyond the video, Hal also speaks to Fstoppers about the behind-the-scenes work and equipment used in the making.

New Zeiss Loxia 50mm and 35mm Lenses Announced

A new line of manual-focus lenses, designated with the Loxia title, have been announced by Zeiss. The initial compact lenses to be released later this year, a 50mm f/2 and a 35mm f/2, are crafted specifically for Sony’s E-mount full-frame α7 cameras. Christophe Casenave, product manager at Zeiss, says there is “growing desire for a digital manual-focus experience” on Sony Alpha 7/7R/7S cameras and that the Loxia line is “ready to exceed those expectations.”

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife, Frank Lasagna Stalks the Neighborhood in This Hilarious Camera Review Parody

Are you having a hard time deciding between the Canon 6D and T5i for your next camera? Well, you may want to keep looking for a real comparison review. In this video, a man that goes by the name Frank Lasagna compares these camera’s low light capabilities, frames-per-second, and most importantly: how well they capture his neighbor’s wife’s skin.

The Top Five Nik Color Efex Pro Filters For Superb Landscape Photos

The Nik Collection by Google carries some of the most powerful image editing applications for photographers. One of these applications, Color Efex Pro, has the ability to dramatically enhance the stories inside your landscape images. Out of the 55 filters available in Color Efex, there are five that I come back to using time and time again. In this article, I will show you what these essential filters are and explain how they make processing my images much less draining.

The Luminous Endowment Offers Financial Grants To Pursue Photographic Goals

Widely known among photographers for his role as founder and publisher of The Luminous Landscape, Michael Reichmann has been heading “LuLa” since 1999. After a decade and a half of writing, running workshops, and creating premium video content for photographers worldwide, Mr. Reichmann admits, “LuLa has grown up. And like any fifteen year old, it wants to start a new life.” Today marks the beginning of that new life with the official launch of The Luminous Endowment for Photographers, a not-for-profit charitable organization providing financial grants to aspiring photo projects.

Take These Four Important Steps Before You Outsource Your Printing

Professional-quality photo printers and paper are expensive. It can be difficult to justify the steep price of the machine and upkeep for most photographers who shoot as a hobbyist or even a starting professional. Outsourcing your printing needs to a pro photo lab alleviates the cost, but there are some inherent complications in not being able to print from home. These four helpful steps will minimize the disconnect when sending out your images to the lab.

How To Get a Super Shot of the Supermoon

Tonight will be the first of three "supermoons" that will occur this summer. Supermoons are full moons that appear bigger and brighter than the other full moons throughout the year. As you probably suspect, this means that some of the best moon photographic opportunities await for those who come prepared. Here’s a helpful guide that will have you shootin’ for the [super]moon in no time.

Adobe Allows Continued Access to Lightroom After Creative Cloud Expiration

Late last month, Adobe released updates to their Creative Cloud applications and one interesting discovery was recently made pertaining to Lightroom. As The DAM Book reported, Lightroom continues to partly function even after subscription to the Creative Cloud ends. Adobe has now officially released a statement making it clear exactly what happens to a user's photographs post-membership.

The What, Where, Why, and How Guide to Polarizing Filters

One of the many reasons people become attracted to photography is the capability of capturing the world around us in wondrous ways. While choosing large apertures or developing a dramatic style in post processing can completely change a setting, there are also subtle but supportive ways to change a scene. Such a way is through the use of a circular polarizing filter (CPF). In this well presented and thorough video tutorial, nature photographer Steve Perry of Backcountry Gallery will teach you everything there is to know about this must-have lens filter.

Utilizing Natural Light in Photojournalism

The ability of identifying various qualities of light and knowing how to interpret that light is essentially a core concept of photography. One must learn how light translates to an image in order to successfully convey one’s vision and develop a style. In this 5 1/2 minute interview, photojournalist Ed Kashi chats with Marc Silber about his growth as a photographer by way of understanding light.

The Print Portfolio Revival

Presenting your work to potential clients has been made extremely effortless and efficient with the rising popularity of social media platforms and template-based portfolio websites. It has never been simpler to upload your photos to the internet and reach out to employers with a hyperlink. This method certainly works for a few, but many photographers still have trouble with securing assignments. This is where a sizable print portfolio can help you stand out from the crowd, as advertising photographer Erik Almas explains in his...