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First Hands-On Look At the Sony FE 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 Lens

If you’re looking for a little more reach with your Sony Alpha mirrorless camera, there is a new telephoto lens coming soon that you may want to check out. Sony announced plans to ship their longest E-mount focal length zoom lens, the FE 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G OSS, in May 2016. I had the chance to shoot with the new telephoto mounted to the 42.4-megapixel Sony a7RII, and am happy to share my thoughts on the practical-use aspects of the lens in this article.

Ex-Apple Creative Director and Lifestyle Photographer Gives Inspirational Tips

In this new episode of Adorama’s “Through the Lens” web series, lifestyle photographer and one-time creative director for Apple, Michael O’Neal, is featured. In the brief five-minute video O’Neal recalls his motivation for moving on from a coveted job at Apple and going out on his own to work for himself. He reveals what draws him to photography, inspirations for his sought after talents, and where he’s heading next.

Fstoppers Reviews the Professional-Grade Tamrac G-Elite G26 Photo Backpack

When Gura Gear was absorbed into the Tamrac brand in late 2015, the beloved Bataflae photo backpack was left without a home. Without hesitation, Tamrac introduced the G-Elite line that improved upon the genius butterfly-opening backpack design of the original Bataflae and was launched in two sizes: the G32 and the G26. Over the past few months I’ve been running around with the G26 version and it is without a doubt the best backpack I’ve ever used.

Fstoppers Reviews the Sony a6300, a Small $999 Camera that Commands Big Respect

In early February, Sony unveiled the a6300, a follow-up to one of the best selling interchangeable-lens cameras of all time, the a6000. The updated a6300 features an APS-C 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, 4D Focus system with 425 on-chip phase-detection points and 169 contrast-detection areas, 11 frames-per-second burst shooting, and 4K video recording without pixel binning. Along with many other similar features that are available on Sony’s flagship a7II-series cameras, but with a price tag of only $999 (body only), this is one of the most feature-rich prosumer cameras ever released.

Phase One Releases Capture One Pro 9.1, Feature Update for XF Camera System

Phase One has dropped two new software updates today including Capture One Pro 9.1 and a camera firmware update for its medium format XF system. Version 9.1 of Capture One Pro is focused on workflow tool improvements aimed towards working fashion and still life photographers. The XF camera system update brings interesting new software tools and autofocus improvements, as well as two new “blue ring” lenses.

Fstoppers Reviews the Phase One XF for Landscape and Nature Photography

Midway through 2015, Phase One released the XF camera system, an impressive digital medium format system which combines modularity, software upgradability, and image quality into the ultimate shooting package. Last August I spent a couple weeks shooting with the XF paired with the IQ3 50MP digital back, and in January I again spent two more weeks with the newly released mind-blowing XF 100MP system. In this review I cover my time with the new Phase One system shooting landscapes and nature photography and my experience playing with the image files in post-processing.

Sony Announces ‘G Master’ Lineup of Lenses: Fast Aperture Zooms Have Officially Arrived to Mirrorless

One of the primary reasons many have given for stalling in making the switch to mirrorless is the lack of solid fast aperture zooms. With the newly announced Sony G Master series and initial debut of a FE 24-70mm f/2.8, FE 70-200mm f/2.8 OSS, and FE 85mm f/1.4 lenses, not only are we getting the highly requested fast zooms, but we are getting some of the best precision optics overall for the Sony Alpha system.

Musicbed Adds Personalized Discovery to Improve Music Licensing Experience

Finding just the right music for your video project can be an overwhelming process in filmmaking. You may have spent weeks, months, or even years tirelessly capturing footage and now it comes down to music track selection which can make or break all the film work you already put in. Musicbed, the popular music licensing website, has just launched a new “Discover” page which they hope will make the track selection process faster and easier by giving you a much more personalized experience.

Recharge Your Artistic Soul With Positive Inspiration From Elise Swopes

Chicago-based photographer and designer Elise Swopes is absolutely brimming with creativity. Her highly popular composite work is astounding in itself for combining the unexpected, but the fact it’s all done on a smartphone is simply incredible. In this video kicking off Adorama’s second season of their “Through the Lens” series, Swopes talks about what inspires her to create, the apps she uses, and lays out some strong motivating lines for photographers of all backgrounds.

‘Exhale’ Is An Amazing Visual Experience of America’s Best Landscapes

In 2014, time-lapse photographer Jesse Attanasio set out on a two-year mission to shoot as much as he could possibly shoot, and explored some of the most beautiful and unique locations on earth. His stunning newly released video, “Exhale,” is the final product of intense planning, lengthy travels, and focused postproduction work. Prepare yourself, this one is a treat for the eyes.

Creative Ways to Customize a RocknRoller MultiCart for Commercial Photographers

Photographers and videographers who work on-location for their gigs need an easy, dependable way to haul and station their gear and grip kits. Many have come to rely on the RocknRoller MultiCart for this purpose because of its versatility. In this video, commercial photographer Kiriako Iatridis shows how he customized his MultiCart to make it that much better and may inspire your own modifications.

The Importance of Story In Video Exampled by Musicbed’s Beautiful New ‘Artist Spotlight’

Musicbed has just released their latest “artist spotlight” in-house production which focuses on world-renowned pianist Chad Lawson. This short six-minute video isn’t a tutorial, it doesn’t feature a videographer or photographer, and it isn’t about the filmmaker behind the camera. What this video does have, and why I’m sharing it, is excellent storytelling and beautifully crafted scenes pieced together in postproduction to create an emotional, touching film. The inspiration given in this video is beyond teaching one how to film with a camera, rather it inspires how to tell a personal story and gives example to creating an emotional tone in moviemaking.

Gura Gear Fully Transitions into Tamrac, Introduces new G-Elite Backpacks

Last year, the photography accessory company Gura Gear purchased the struggling brand Tamrac and ever since has been hard at work to revitalize the company through adding more employees and building new facilities as well as starting from scratch with product design and branding. Now, the brand has announced that Gura Gear will drop its own name in favor operating as Tamrac, and the new Tamrac G-Elite series of backpacks will carry on what Gura Gear began.

Fashion Photographer Solmaz Saberi Provides Inspiration and Insight in This Short Documentary

In this latest installation of Format’s InFrame documentary series, the camera turns to fashion and beauty photographer Solmaz Saberi who speaks from her experiences in getting started with photography to how she conducts a photoshoot to why she founded her own magazine. Directed by Bas Berkhout, you’ll want to check out this short video for your daily dose of inspiration.