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Manufacturer : Beijing HDY Technology Development Co.,Ltd.

Five reasons tell you why choose us:
1. High quality: Leading design, top quality and bright style are what we ensure to offer, before delivery, every product will be re-tested.
2. Low price: Base on different MOQ, we give every client a low price.
3. Fast delivery: Every order is delivered within 7 days against payment
4. Good after-sale service: Every product has a one-year warranty.
5. Custom products service: We offer custom products designed according to your requests.
LED lights are a quickly becoming a popular solution for both still photographers and videographers. They provide bright white light with large concentration, and project light further than traditional fluro bulbs. LED lights also hold another great advantage over traditional continuous lighting systems, in that they run at lower power. Most can be powered by battery making them portable and ideal for event photographers. We have a wide range of LED Lights for both on-camera and off-camera application.

Power: 50W;
Color temperature of 3200K and 5600K for choice;
Voltage:16V DC

Without DMX512
Manual dimming Color switch
High consistency of color temperature in one single light´╝Ť
Digital display
Runs on AC adapter or battery
Key Features:
- light output 3200K m

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Also with low price Kino Flo light 4*2 feet/ 4*4 feet, Original USA tubes

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Beijing HDY Technology Development Co.,Ltd supply LED video light panel, LED camera light, battery with high quality and competitive price. http://www.providego.com/en