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Must Have Gear for Your Sony Kit

2018 has kicked off with a bang as several companies have released exciting new gear everyone is eager to get their hands on. Sony recently announced the Sony a7 III which has many thinking it's time to upgrade or completely transition all their gear to Sony now that they have more lenses to support their fantastic camera bodies.

Real-World Print Comparison: Fujifilm X-T2 Versus Nikon D810

Let's face it, these days most of us don't print the majority of our photographs. Typically they will live on forever on the Internet whether it be via social media, cloud storage solution, or your own website. In today's world, people rather compare sensor technology by pixel-peeping and zooming in to a photograph at 300 percent, criticizing the camera for not rendering a leaf out perfectly half a mile away on screen. What if we took a step back, away from our crazy magnification, and actually hit Cmd+p and looked at how photographs were meant to be viewed: printed.

Curiosity Rover’s Galactic Selfie

As the most recent government shutdown came to a close, the Curiosity Rover’s Twitter account (@MarsCuriosity) released a new batch of raw images from the red planet on January 23. The rover's Twitter account had a bit of a break during the shutdown, but while the Curiosity Rover has sent images back in the past of it as part of the Martian landscape, this latest selfie is a bit closer, and the Internet loves it.

Words of Wisdom for New Photographers

So you received a fancy new DSLR or mirrorless camera for Christmas, or immediately went to the local electronics store with your wallet resembling George Costanzas’ from “Seinfeld,” filled to the brim with holiday gift cards, and picked yourself a kit that has everything you need to conqueror the photography trenches, including not one but two lenses. You may be asking yourself, why would people not buy this? Buying just a camera body when this is such a good deal, makes little sense when you're first starting out. If this is sounding anything remotely close to recent thoughts you’ve had, stick around. In all honesty, I wish I would have had a few of these pointers when I got started in photography.

Fstoppers Reviews the Fujifilm XF 80mm Macro Lens

Fujifilm continues to wow us with each new lens, and their latest release, the $1,199 XF 80mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro lens, is no exception. I’ve been shooting with the XF 80mm now since its release, and I have to admit it’s only come off my Fujifilm X-T2 once. I don't claim to be a fabulous macro photographer, but I believe this lens has a home in most photographers bag. My beloved XF 50-140mm has, for now at least, taken a back seat to the smaller, amazingly versatile XF 80mm.

Photographers Take the Day Off, Happy Festivus!

With the holidays upon us, many photographers (including myself) will want to break out all their gear. In years past I have always planned on what cameras and lens combos to bring, lights, possible modifiers, batteries, and everything in between to photograph Christmas. This year I took on a new approach. An iPhone and a cheap stand set in the corner in time-lapse mode would be the only media I walked away with this year.

Wedding Photographers: Ditch Your Gear, the iPhone Is Here

Like any other genre of photography, there are everyday frustrations that one must overcome. For wedding photographers, this is no different. Between Uncle Bobs with their constant ability to somehow always be in the frame or bride or mom-zillas who get amped up over the most minuscule of details, it can make for a long stressful day. Toronto-based Wedding Photographer Barb Simkova, working for Tara McMullen Photography, recently gave herself an additional wedding day challenge: photograph the wedding with nothing more than an iPhone 8 Plus, and the pictures speak for themselves.

Utilizing Lightroom Presets in Luminar 2018

There have been debates circling the internet lately on users abandoning Adobe’s eco-system of photo applications for a new player in town. Macphun, soon to be Skylum Software, has been making waves lately with their latest release of Luminar 2018. The once strictly Mac-based software company has branched out (part of the reason for the renaming) to include Windows users as well, and people are stoked. With a seemingly endless list of features and upgrades to the latest version, many have considered that it may be about time to try something that’s just different than the industry giant, Lightroom. However, users are still perplexed on how exactly they would make the change, what would they miss from Lightroom, and is it really necessary.

Fstoppers Review Novo Explora T5 and T20 Tripod Kits

I know it’s early December, but sometimes Christmas does, in fact, come early. I for one am always on the lookout for two things, the first is the perfect tripod and the second is a perfect camera bag. I officially can resign myself to only continuing my quest for the perfect bag, as I have finally found what I think is the ideal series of tripods. Welcome, Novo Photo’s Explora series tripods. Full disclaimer, I am an ambassador for Novo Photo, however, before becoming an ambassador I was an overly enthusiastic customer. I receive no compensation for my thoughts on their products, but I love talking about products I use and stand behind. Being as Novo Photo is a relatively new U.K.-based company, first, let me explain how I found them.