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Critique the Community Your Best Panoramic Image

Your Best Panoramic Image
Submit your best panoramic image for a chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial.

Panoramic images are typically created by taking a series of photos side by side and stitching them together with software. However, for this Critique the Community, you can also submit any photograph that has been stitched together.

This contest has ended.

Is Instagram Worthwhile?

"If you’re not on Instagram, you don’t exist." How many times have you heard a statement to that affect? I recently had a discussion with a fellow professional photographer about the value of Instagram. In this article, I’ll explore our conclusions.

It's Work, Not Talent That Makes Photographs

I would hazard a guess that most working photographers will tell you that talent has very little to do with a successful photograph. Somewhere along the way, you've probably heard the words “Genius is one per cent talent and ninety-nine per cent hard work.” It's that hard work that brings about good photography. Let's explore the roles that effort and perseverance play in our photography today.

Use Your Aperture with Intent!

Aperture is one of our strongest technical creative tools as photographers and filmmakers. Although it’s simply just a hole for light to pass through, it can be used to create so many different effects in our images. By considering the effects it has and working with them, we can intentionally make very different images just by changing our aperture.

Playing With Time: Blending in Photoshop Tutorial

With the post-processing power of Photoshop, there are some incredibly creative ways to process digital photographs to create incredibly beautiful results. In this realm of the powerful program by Adobe, exposure blending is not necessarily a new technique these days, but there are always different ways to use the techniques to create visually pleasing and even surreal imagery and this processing tutorial plays with the concept of time and exposure blending.