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Improve Your Composition With This One Simple Change

When it comes to taking a great photo, many photographers argue that it starts and ends with great composition. I’m not sure I’m so black and white in my outlook, but good composition is hugely important without a doubt. And one of the most overlooked parts of great composition is adding foreground interest. Today I will discuss how foreground interest in your photos can really improve your end results, and what you can do to nail the foreground every time.

Simple Lighting Setups Using Little or No Equipment

I’m a big believer that you don’t need expensive equipment and a complicated lighting set up to create beautiful images. Some of my favorite images were captured with a really simple lighting setup and with little or no lighting equipment at all. Sometimes too much emphasis is often put on equipment and we can easily get caught up in complicated lighting and expensive gear.

How to Use the ‘Blend If’ Feature Effectively in Photoshop

The “Blend If” function in Photoshop is usually skipped by most photographers and retouchers. However, it is an efficient color channel-based tool for quick masking and creating smooth transitions when blending different elements. While it is a technique commonly used by architectural photographers for quick sky replacement or smoothing out the shadows, it can be implemented for different purposes in Photoshop and can save great amount of time.

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