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500px Launches '500px for Business,' a New Global On-Demand Photography Service

Earlier in the year, I reported on a photography service that was offering tourists the chance to summon a professional photographer through an app — essentially the photo-equivalent of Uber. Reaction to the concept was mixed, although there's clearly potential in the idea, as 500px has just taken things up a notch with "500px for Business," their newly-announced series of photography on-demand services.

Photographer Prepared For Years To Grab This Epic Supermoon Photo, Which Has Since Caught NASA's Attention

Earlier this week, the largest moon of almost 70 years could be seen around the world. This "supermoon," as it is being hailed, occurred after it appeared 222,000 miles from Earth — to put it into perspective, that's some 30,000 miles closer than the most distant point it ever pops up. According to NASA, that caused it to appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than what we’re used to. Naturally, photographers everywhere were out in full force trying to grab the best photo. But one image in particular is garnering attention after making NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Wedding Photographer Takes Mannequin Challenge To New Heights By Including Entire Wedding Party

If you happen to have been on the internet at any point in the past month, you’ll likely be well acquainted with the Mannequin Challenge, a new viral sensation in which participants remain still for the duration of a video recording, usually soundtracked with hip hop music. But now one wedding photographer, Suzanne Delawar, has taken things up a notch by managing to convince an entire wedding party to get involved.

Photo Enthusiast Travels the Globe to Steal and Replicate Photographer Duo’s Exact Images

Most photographers have experienced some kind of image theft, or had someone take a little too much inspiration from their work, and just straight up replicate their photo. But in a case I recently discovered through an article on Retouchist, travel photographers Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen have fallen victim to a copycat. The difference being that their apparent number one fan actually travels the globe in order to mimic their images.

Photographer Nigel Barker Reveals More About Adorama 'Top Photographer' Series Ahead of Tomorrow's Launch [Exclusive Interview]

When I last spoke to photographer and former America's Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker a couple of months ago, he was preparing to begin filming the debut season of his new Adorama series. Entitled "Top Photographer," the show aims to find the next emerging talent of the photo industry, with prizes including $50,000 worth of equipment and an exhibition in N.Y.C. Before the first of five episodes goes live via YouTube tomorrow, November 1, I caught up with Barker to gain further insight into what we can expect from the series.

Keeping Your Passion for Photography Alive When You're Doing It Full-Time

Photography is a craft almost everyone indulges in at one time or another. For some, it’s a weekend hobby. For others, it’s a full-time affair. Either way, photographers are forever debating amongst themselves whether or not it’s a wise career choice. Should we attempt to forge a career from something we enjoy so much or save it for our own pleasure? When finances become a factor, it can alter the way we think about our photography. Here’s why it’s so important to allocate time for personal projects and the ways in which I keep myself just as passionate about photography as I was when I first started out.

Photographer and Former 'America's Next Top Model' Judge Nigel Barker Launches 'Top Photographer' [Exclusive Interview]

If you’ve heard of "America’s Next Top Model," you’ll undoubtedly be well acquainted with its photographer. A judge for 17 seasons, Nigel Barker was propelled to household name status as viewers saw him critique model portfolios and take part in various themed photo shoots. Now, in partnership with Adorama and with the backing of Canon, he is preparing to launch his own show: "Top Photographer With Nigel Barker," a web series showing Barker on the hunt for emerging talent in photography. In this exclusive Fstoppers interview, I chat with him about how the show will work and also get advice on social media, the process of selecting portfolio images, and how to handle yourself with clients.

Why Film Is Not Dead: Meet The Camera Shop that Specialise Only in Film Photography

The debate surrounding the relevancy of film cameras is an ongoing one; the opinions about which vary from photographer to photographer. The resurgence of digital camera technology in recent years has meant DSLRs are now widely used by the masses, pulling the future of film photography into question somewhat. Is it now just a novelty? I chatted with Howard, one of the owners of a North England-based camera shop that shunned digital cameras in favour of film... and found that business is very much booming.


I'm a photographer because my life is filled with hot models all day, every day, right? No, but really, photography, as a career, should not be taken for granted. Let’s be honest, we’re hardly saving lives here, and we should be very grateful that we can make a career of essentially taking pictures. That’s not to say it isn’t hard work or a lot of responsibility, because it is. I just know I’m feel very lucky to be making a living from what I love doing most. And there’s so many reasons why it has to be the best job in the world.

Creative Spotlight: Meet the Photographer That Conceals His Subject’s Identities

Scrolling through Instagram, I came across a photo that I deemed worthy of a double-tap. Curious, I clicked on the profile to see more from the same photographer. Scrolling through his feed, I started to notice that although every photo included a human subject, there wasn’t a single face in sight. Intrigued, I had to know more and reached out: Meet Noel Alvarenga, the photographer who hides his subject’s faces.

Why You Shouldn't Be Scared to Develop Your Passion for Photography Into a Career

I encounter lots of people who are torn between pursuing their passion for photography as a career or keeping it as a treasured hobby. There’s naturally that underlying paranoia that doing what you love full-time and taking on the pressure of monetizing it will kill your enjoyment. I’d like to say that years after going “pro,” I still love what I do every day. If you’re unsure and need convincing, here’s why I believe you too should take the plunge.