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A Photographer's Photos Become Icons of the #NeverAgain Movement, and No One Knows Who She Is

With the rise of #MarchForOurLives in response to the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, students Emma González, and David Hogg have been the two survivors that have been the most visible and outspoken critics of the status quo when it comes to gun control. Their images have been circulated in the media and even turned into posters for the #NeverAgain movement, many of those bearing a striking resemblance to an early photo of González.

Canon's Portrait and Travel Kit Is a Great Deal for Photographers

Let’s face it: a lot of times, when you see a kit of anything, it’s not a good deal. Often, the cost of the kit isn’t worth it. Last week, I talked about Canon’s Advanced Two Lens Kit and how I thought it wasn’t the best deal for those looking to up their photography game. This week, I’m taking a look at Canon’s other kit, the Portrait and Travel Two-lens Kit. Spoiler alert: It’s actually a pretty good deal.

The KeyMission Could Have Been Nikon's Future, but it Isn't Anymore

Nikon released a trio of new cameras at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, all under a new umbrella called “KeyMission.” While two of them were mostly GoPro clones, the third was arguably the most interesting, and not just for its strange name and looks: The KeyMission360. This camera was the most forward-looking product that Nikon has put out, more so than any potential mirrorless camera or DSLR that’s come out in the past few years. And then it let its 360 ambitions wither and die.

Journalism Institute Diminishes Importance of Photojournalism

The Poynter Institute bills itself as a global leader in journalism. For decades, journalists have turned to the Florida-based organization's workshops, resources, and staff to learn about and advance journalism. For a time, that seemed to include the visuals side as well, but if a recent article and the furor around it is any indication, it looks like photojournalists are no longer welcome to the party. It's a sad development to see unfold, and it's not a good look for the storied journalism institution.

Getting Value Out of Your Old Gear: How to Sell and Buy So You Don’t Lose

With the number of times I’ve switched from Canon to Nikon and back again, you’d think I have a case of G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome). You’d also probably think I took a bath financially each time I did it, but that’s not the case. With some clever shopping and some careful selling, I was able to keep my losses to a minimum and in some cases, actually made money on gear that increased in value. Here are a few tips to make sure that you don’t take a huge financial hit when buying and selling your gear.

Don’t Lose Your Photos: Simple Ways to Keep Pictures Safe

It’s always been said that there are two types of people in this world: those who have had a hard drive crash, and those who will have a hard drive crash. To that, I’ll add another two: those who’ve dropped a phone into a toilet, and those who will drop their phone into a toilet. Or oven. Or puddle. Or snow. That’s why it’s important to have a backup plan. A new article in the New York Times breaks it into the simplest of terms for even the greenest of photographers.

Use Multiple Exposures to Have Some Fun With Those Still-Up Christmas Lights

So it’s January and you still haven’t taken the Christmas tree down yet? Perfect. Now’s a great time to play with one of the little-used but most fun modes of that new camera you got for the holidays. And if you didn’t get a camera, you can use the mode to breathe some new life into your old camera and photograph the things you (or in this case, my son) got as gifts. Friends, I’m talking about multiple exposure mode.

Fstoppers Reviews the Garmin VIRB 360: Cream of a Very Small Crop

Garmin, the same manufacturer who probably made your first GPS unit that’s now collecting dust in the glove box of your car, also makes cameras. I didn't know this until I cruised the 360-degree video section of B&H Photo looking for something to replace my 2017 Samsung Gear 360 that I was not so happy with (note to Samsung: a stitch line that moves is a dealbreaker). There it was, sitting under a glass case, the Garmin VIRB 360.

Northrup Vs. Fro, JPG Vs. Raw: Why Is It Even Still a Debate?

It’s the equivalent of a presidential Twitter feud, but for the photography world. Everyone’s favorite Anderson Cooper lookalike Tony Northrup released a video on November 4 about the benefits and downsides to shooting raw files versus JPG files, and in this video dispensed some advice on when to shoot raw files and when to shoot JPG files (and when to shoot both). Naturally, this elicited a strong response from everyone’s favorite (only?) Fro, Jared Polin of “Fro Knows Photo” fame, who is known for his shirts indicating to the world that he does indeed shoot raw. All the time.