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DJI Tello, Spark, Mavic Air, or Mavic Pro: What Are the Differences and Which Drone Should You Pick?

In less than a year, DJI released four entry-level drones, from the cheap Tello to the more advanced Mavic Platinum. The mid-range segment is now occupied by the Spark and the newly announced Mavic Air. In some aspects, the latest DJI drone outperforms the pricier models, which can be confusing. Is the Mavic Air better than the Mavic Pro? Which one should you buy and why? The answer: it depends of your needs. Up next, we provide a complete comparison to help you navigate through the main differences of each drone, including their strengths and weaknesses.

Did Sony Fix the Colors on the a7R III?

Weird skin tone, strange green tint, fake sky; these are a few things that come to mind when describing the colors in video coming from Sony cameras. They wouldn't look as “natural” as Fuji, Canon, and Nikon colors. But did Sony fix it? According to Dave Dugdale from Learning Video and Andrew Reid from EOSHD, something happened.

A Creative Video Exposes the Disturbing Link Between Advertising and Women’s Bodies [NSFW]

Sex sells. This basic advertising trick could be the number one rule of any marketing textbook. Unfortunately, as uninspiring as it seems, associating brands with provocative half-naked bodies draws people’s attention. Pushing this logic to the extreme, French Musician Hiérophante created a short stop-motion video showing naked women’s bodies being covered by brand logos. The result leaves you with an uncomfortable feeling of watching some sort of livestock branding.

Canon 6D Mark II: The Worst Camera of 2017

It's the time of the year in which rankings appear all around the Internet spotlighting the best performers of the past 12 months. But what about the worst? As the French writer Beaumarchais once said, “Without Freedom to blame, there is no flatterer's praise.” Here is my take at the worst 2017 camera, the Canon 6D Mark II.

Tutorial: How to Make a Gimbal Hyperlapse Video

Hyperlapse is a variant of time-lapse where the camera moves between each shot in order to bring motion to the video sequence. The result is visually impressive, but this technique requires a high degree of precision and concentration. Furthermore, the entire process is tedious and time consuming. But thanks to the recent progress of gimbal stabilization, anyone can now produce decent hyperlapse with an entry-level gimbal. Photographer Matthew Vandeputte from Sydney shows us how to create an easy hyperlapse with a $550 gimbal.