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The U.S. Army Ban on DJI - What Is Really Going On?

According to an internal memo published by sUAS News, the U.S. Army is asking to terminate the use of all DJI products, including cameras and software “due to increased awareness of cyber vulnerabilities associated with DJI products.” This unusual request leaves a lot of unanswered questions such as the nature of the threats and the reason behind of this global ban. What is really going on?

Unlock the Wi-Fi - An Open Letter to Nikon

Gunther Wegner, creator of the LRTimelapse software, reveals a major issue affecting all the latest Nikon cameras compatible with the SnapBridge wireless app. For some reason, the Nikon engineers linked the camera’s Wi-Fi feature to the use of the app. When switching to a third-party app, the SnapBridge-capable cameras disable Wi-Fi, completely making the use of third-party apps over Wi-Fi impossible. Hence, photographers who rely on specialized apps for their work such as time-lapse or macro photography are stuck and cannot use these cameras anymore.

How to Avoid Making the Most Common Mistakes While Creating a Time-Lapse?

Oscar Wilde used to say that experience is “the name men give to their mistakes.” Photography is both a science and an art. As such, the artistic side of photography must be acquired via experimentation, and failure is a natural part of the learning process. Fortunately, Italian photographer Marco Famà, who specializes in time-lapse production, explains how to avoid making common mistakes when capturing and editing a time-lapse video. He lists 21 issues with concrete video examples and describes how to correct these mistakes.

Free DJI Photography Contest – Post Your Best Shot on Facebook to Win a Spark Drone and Osmo Mobile Gimbal

The drone manufacturer DJI just launched a free photography contest via its official Facebook group. The theme of the competition is based around water. Post a picture related to the ocean, beach, river or lake to win the latest Spark drone and the Osmo mobile gimbal. Each contestant can only submit one picture. The contest is live until August 10th.

Stunning Time-Lapse Featuring the Most Extreme Weather Phenomena of the American Midwest

Mike Olbinski, an award-winning photographer, did it again. Here is his latest production, a stunning time-lapse showing some of the most powerful thunderstorms, supercell structures, and tornadoes of the American Midwest. Olbinski specializes on storm chasing but this season was particularly tough for him. Mother Nature has not been cooperative this year despite his extensive weather forecast knowledge. The storm chaser had to drive 27,000 miles across 10 states during a month to capture the 90,000 frames necessary to finish the project. Hence, he called this video “Pursuit.”

Disappointment After Disappointment — What Is Wrong With Canon?

Back in 2008 the Canon 5D Mark II was a photographer’s dream. The camera revolutionized the industry and opened new creative horizons for many professionals. The low light performance, dynamic range, and image quality were unheard of. This technological wonder was a huge hit in the photography world and beyond, especially in the indie filmmaker community. Later in 2012 came the 5D Mark III, with a solid body but somehow conservative specifications. Since then, it seems that Canon has decided to freeze progress, and lately, take a few steps backward.