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Meet GimBall: The Crash-Proof Drone

You can really get yourself into trouble putting your expensive camera gear on a drone, Lee Morris has personally lost two drones and Chase Jarvis famously crashed his DJI Phantom into a lake in Iceland. Now Swiss researchers are looking to change all that, or at least help prevent some minor crashes. Enter GimBall: while it may not be waterproof, this drone concept is looking to change the way we approach UAV-based photography.

Slow Lens Getting You Down? The New Fotodiox Speedbooster Can Give You an Extra Stop for Just $160

Yes, you heard right. The newly announced Fotodiox Excell +1 speedbooster (reminiciant of the Metabones Speedbooster) will allow you to mount your Nikon F and Canon FD glass to your MFT body while optically adjusting for crop-factor and giving you a whole extra stop of light. At an introductory price of $160 the Fotodiox blows the Metabones, which sells for between $400 to $600, out of the water and you can get that extra stop of light on a budget.

A Master Class in "Uncle Bob" Wedding Photography

If you're a wedding photographer then you're all to familiar with Uncle Bob photographers: people with a camera getting in your way, breathing down your neck asking about settings and gear, and otherwise making your life dificult. This parody instructional video teaches Uncle Bob how to get the best pictures he can at a wedding while also being a huge annoyance to the wedding guests and photographer.

Philip Bloom Will Blow Your Mind with this Sony a7S Video

I've personally covered the Sony a7S a lot here at Fstoppers, full disclosure: I'm in love with the idea of this camera. As a diehard D700 user (though I've since retired it) I love the idea of a high-ISO somewhat low-res monster. All the reviews and sample images / video I've seen of this camera have absolutley blown me away, this video is no different. Check out Philip Bloom pushing the a7S to its limits in this video.

Mystery Camera at World Cup- Possible Sighting of the 7D Mark II

It's no secret that the Canon EOS 7D (Canon's high-end crop body) is looking a little long-in-the-tooth. Released in 2009 this little guy still can chug away but has recently started to show its age with cameras in the same price range and is likely to see an upgrade within the next couple months. Canon Rumors is reporting a possible sighting of the rumored 7D Mark II at the world cup and has some suspicious images to back it up.

Running an $8.5K Camera Under a Shower — For Science (Pentax 645Z Weatherproof Test)

The Pentax 645Z digital medium format camera has been receiving a lot of buzz since its announcement earlier this year. It's been hailed for its CMOS medium format sensor which offers unrivaled image quality and unheard of high-ISO capability when compared to CCD sensor models. The Penatx 645Z even features weather sealing to boot. That's why the guys over at QusabesdeTV on YouTube put together this video showing off the quality of this weather sealing.

Fstoppers Reviews: Mastin Labs Fuji 400H Preset System

Late last year, Trevor Dayley wrote an article which introduced me to the Mastin Labs Portra 400 film emulation preset system. As a long time Kodak Portra 400 shooter I was thrilled to see side-by-side comparisons of Portra 400 against digital with the preset. They looked darn near identical. Now Kirk Mastin, the mastermind behind the presets is gearing up to release his Fuji 400H preset system and I couldn't be more excited.

A Rare BTS Look at Cave Photography

Shooting outdoors can be some serious business, cave photography is certainly no exception! Getting quality images in pitch blackness is an incredible feat, but the guys from Lowepro and Joby show how photographer Chris Higgins does it by journeying deep underground in a Tennessee cave.

Ben Von Wong Photographs Extreme Sports on the Walls of Jerusalem

Benjamin Von Wong, along with several other photographers (including Fstoppers' own Mike Kelley) was recently sponsored by a non-profit called Kinetis and Broncolor's GenNEXT program to travel to Israel to photograph and explore. While the group was there they came up with some really awesome shoots including this recently released series by Benjamin Von Wong of athletes doing ridiculous tricks in historic Jerusalem.