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Cambo ACTUS View Camera Announced

Cambo recently gave the world a sneak peek at a new compact ACTUS View Camera designed specifically for mirrorless cameras (perfect for the α7 series). This system features several improvements over their old X2 system as detailed below. The "core system" will reportedly include the bellows, bayonet, and a choice of Sony, Canon, or Nikon camera mount.

Behind The Scenes of Lauri Laukkanen's Popular Image "Amelié Drozzin"

Lauri Laukkanen, photographer and editor over at SLR Lounge, recently posted an image to the Fstoppers Facebook group that's been getting a lot of buzz. The popular image came out of a personal project that he developed and shot over the course of just two days. The behind-the-scenes video shows Lauri and his team on location at Yyteri, Pori (Finland), their extremely minimal setup, as well as the final images.

Fstoppers Exclusive Interview: Artist Jonathon Keats' Century Camera Project

Jonathon Keats is an American conceptual artist based in San Francisco. This year Jonathon began a new project he calls Century Camera in which he (and the people of Berlin) hide 100 pinhole cameras with the hopes of creating the first series of century-long exposures. Jonathon was kind enough to make time to speak with me and share the details, inspiration, and process behind this ambitious project — you don't want to miss this.

Nikon Announces New Nikon 1 S2 Mirrorless System

Finally, the last Nikon product announcement for the day: Nikon has just rolled out the new Nikon 1 S2 mirrorless camera system, an update to the 2013 Nikon 1 S1. The new S2 features a 14.2 MP sensor (up around 4 MP from the S1), shoots full-HD 1020p video, and fires at 20 FPS. It comes in four colors, and will have a price of $446.95 (including the kit 11-27.5 f/3.5-5.6 kit lens).

D800 Gets a Firmware Overhaul

Today, Nikon released a major firmware update for their D800 and D800E HDSLRs as well as minor patches for the UT-1 transmitter and a few CoolPix cameras. This is the first significant update for the D800(E) since about this time last year. The update (v. A 1.10, B 1.10) brings with it something that I wish all Nikon cameras had.

Exclusive: Nick Fancher Shares the Secret to Dynamic Lighting in his "Studio Anywhere" Series

Former Fstoppers writer and Columbus, Ohio based portrait and fashion photographer, Nick Fancher has recently been working on a series he calls Studio Anywhere in which he photographs models in their own homes. Nick's an avid strobist; meticulously lighting every shoot with a small army of speed lights. He has kindly agreed to give us a sneak peek into his lighting setups from two images in the series.

Making Light Leaks in Lightroom [With Free Brush Download]

There's something special about taking a picture on film. That said, film also lent itself to a lot of error: a botched exposure, missed focus and light leaks could all serve to ruin an otherwise lovely image. There are few things more frustrating then getting a roll back from the lab with an error note on the envelope. Occasionally the results were a novelty, perhaps adding interest to an otherwise boring image but all too often light leak was nothing but a bother. So why would anyone want to replicate it in Lightroom?